Dodge Dakota -- anyone have these problems?

kitchencrazychrisMay 26, 2006

My son has a 2004 Dodge Dakota SLT - pre-owned, certified, purchased from a dealership. At the time of purchase, DS noticed squeaky brakes, brought it up the sales crew -- they assured him that it was normal, that the brakes had been checked out, yada, yada . . . After he had it for a couple of months, the squeak was AWFUL -- took the truck to a friend's car repair shop, he put in some kind of fluid (??)which was supposed to help the situation -- made it worse.

We eventually replaced the brake pads even though they didn't need to be replaced. The squeaky brakes were gone!

For awhile, .. now the squeak has returned. Have taken it to the Dodge dealership .. they gave the same song and dance that the squeak is normal.

Problem #2 -- the truck has slipped out of gear on a few occasions -- going into neutral. Has never happened on the freeway, just surface streets or in a parking lot.

Taking it in to the dealership today to have it checked out. Has anyone experienced this??

Gas gauge -- not an accurate read. The gauge can say empty or close to it, and take about 5 to 6 gallons less to fill it than it should. We've even had the tank capacity checked out to make sure it's the original tank and holds what it should. The gauge is actually minor, in my opinion, but it's one more thing that's making my son nuts. He thinks he got a lemon, with all this stuff going wrong with it.

Aside from the above mentioned things, the truck is really nice -- very sturdy, also, which is important to me. If it wasn't for these things, my son really does like the truck. Also, the truck wasn't cheap for a first vehicle.

Over 18 K, when all was said and done. He paid for half, we matched him, so he has a really vested interest in this!

He researched trucks for MONTHS before purchasing this. Actually could have purchased a new 2005 for less than what this cost, but it was stripped down, plus there appeared to be a huge blind spot --

Any input on this would be greatly appreciated --

Thanks in advance --

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Disc brake noise isn't unusual. Some pads are more prone to it. There is a product (high temp grease) they sell at NAPA that you put between the piston and pad. Permatex has a product you spray on the back of the pads. I wouldn't guarantee either of those to do much. What's always worked for me is having the rotors and drums machined. Cutting the glaze off of them always worked for me. FWIW my son's Ford PU was squeeking bad. It had a bad axle seal and the pads and shoes were getting low. Fixed all that last weekend for him except he didn't want to spring for the $60 to have the drums and rotors machined. They were quiet last week when I was done with it, but he says they're starting to make noise again. Told him that might happen without the machine work.

Odds are the gas guage inaccuracy is due to the sending unit in the tank. Unfortunately, I believe it's combined with the fuel pump. I'd bet it's an expensive part, and the tank has to be removed to install.

I wouldn't consider either of those issues a big deal. Those minor things are surely not enough to consider the vehicle a lemon. I'd just drive it if it were me. Have the rotors turned if he just can't stand a little brake squeek. The gas guage isn't worth messing with imo while it's working at all. jmo

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Thanks for responding to my post !! I appreciate your input. The dealership willl have the truck until Tuesday since they had to order a part having to do with the gas.
Can't remember what it was, but it will be covered by warranty. I'm going to call them today and ask about rotors and drums being machined, and cutting the glaze off. The service rep I spoke with yesterday was the first person we've talked to about the squeaking, squealing brake problem that didn't tell me it was "normal". So, hopefully all these little "glitches" will be handled, taken care of, and never have to be brought up again !!!!

Thanks again for your advice !!

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