American Range Open Burner For Propane

kwarner16February 19, 2012

I have searched the newer model open burner American Range and haven't found much information in regards to it. This is the model we are considering

American Range Performer Series ARROB636L. I would really appreciate hearing from anyone that has one or has used one. Also anyone else that may have an open burner 36" 6 burner range that uses Propane and you are happy with I would appreciate any input I can get. Thanks

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As you can tell by the lack of response, there does not seem to be anyone on this forum that has one. American Range has been building resteraunt ranges for decades, and a lot of them are propane. I have a CC on propane and it is really no different than NG. BlueSstar Capital And American Ranges with big open burners will preform well on either, as will many of the sealed burner ranges. Some of the sealed burner ranges will loose quite a bit on LP. This is from the GE Cafe.
Top Burner BTU Rating - LP:(1) 11,000; (1) 15,000; (1) 9,100; (1) 5,000; (1) 8,000 BTU's
Top Burner BTU Rating - Natural Gas:(1) 20,000 Tri-Ring; (1) 17,000; (1) 9,100; (1) 5,000; (1) 8,000 BTU's
You can find more info on the American Range on AJMadison than on theie own website. It seams American's marketing department has less insight into what we are looking for than their engineering department. There is no reason you should not buy an American Range, especially because as you can tell, we need a guniea pig to check it out for us.

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CaddiDaddy55, well at least that's somewhere to start. As we haven't been able to even locate one, I am trying to work with a dealer somewhat local nearest being 50 miles but haven't heard back, we are thinking about the DCS sealed burners ,I'm beginning to think I could live with that. Good thing is we won't need it for awhile yet as we will be building and that seems to be the biggest hurdle out here in Podunk, Texas, just trying to get bids is a pain. I'll post if I end up being a Guinea pig for the American, Thanks for the reply.

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There is a post with a picture of the open burner on the American Range here in the Appliance Forum.

Alto I would love to see competition for the Capital Cilinarian and the Blue Star, I read several reviews about the burners of the American Range, Several that complained about Simmers being way too high,(Paraphrasing).

So One of our users was kind enough to put up a picture of the open burner on the American Range, but ALAS, we still didn't get many comments on the burner----so I would certainly try to see one in person and especially the simmer performance of the burners.


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I have been on this board since before AR introduced the Performer Series.

One person said they had a friend who is an avid cook that purchased one and loved it.

Another interested person examined it closely and posted his observations.What I remember was that the burner was a lot farther from the grates than either BS or CC. This member worried about impact on performance. I forget if they ended up with BS or CC.

I don't think we have had an actual owner post a review.

A cheaper open burner pro-style range made in California would be nice option to have.

You may also want to take a look at

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