Maxima or Dakota for long trip?

cheerful1_gwMay 4, 2005

My husband will be driving to West Virginia. It's a 300 mile trip. We have a 2000 Maxima and a 2004 Dakota. Would either vehicle make it there without stopping for gas?

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I drive a 97 chevy pickup and get 400 miles per tank of fuel (about 21 gallons) I would think that either one of those two vehicles would do that well or better unless they have awful small gas tanks and the man has real bad driving habits LOL. Why would he not want to stop for fuel anyway? I always have to stop every 100 miles or so just to stretch my legs a bit.

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Most vehicles will go at least 300 miles on a tank, so I'd guess that either vehicle would make the trip without stopping for gas.

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Should be easy to figure out by doing the math. Total fuel tank capacity (take off one gallon, as nobody can actually run the tank 100% dry) and divide by average MPG. That will tell you how far you can go on a tank. Pretty obvious, so perhaps you have already done this. If your driving is a combo of city plus freeway, then you will have to use a simple or weighted average to come up with the MPG estimate.


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Much better is the Diesel, in a rationally sized car, 600 to 700 miles on a tank is easily possible..
Most filling stations are clean, there is no odious fuel smell, Diesel fueling is even safer..

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Earthworm, I musta missed something. Diesel, take the maxima better mpg. Its has the v6 and i driven 400 w/ mine when i owned it on freeway driving.

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If you will be on paved roads at all times, take the Maxima. It's more confortable, gets better gas mileage, and may be safer than the truck (at speed) on rain slicked roads.

If you will be traveling on unpaved roads at any time including gravel, or if you will be hauling sizeable cargo, take the truck.

The truck can handle gravel better than the car, and why beat the underside and fenders of a nice car when you have an alternative.

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