Beagles: Are you moving/moved in?!

ICFgreenJanuary 30, 2012

I miss your updates! What's going on? I hope you're moving into the gorgeous home of yours!

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Hi ICF... Thanks for asking :)
We're tentatively scheduled to close on the house on Feb 25 now, pushed back from Feb 2. But, I'm in Florida for the winter so we're not formally moving in or moving all of our stuff in until some time in April.
I'll try to take pictures at the closing though when I go back for the walk-through!

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Thanks for the update. We've been building at about the same schedule as you, and since we're 18 days from move-in (who's counting!?) I was curious if you had moved in already.

Can't wait to see the finished home!

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I think you started way after us though didn't you? I'm so jealous of how quickly you were able to get your house done. We started in Oct. 2010 and haven't gotten there yet :)

I'll be excited to see your finished pictures as well!

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We broke ground in July of 2011. We were expecting to be done around Christmas, but I had a rough row with my health from August - October, which put us behind on some of our selections. But our house is a lot smaller than yours without as many beautiful custom details as yours!

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