97 honda accord A/C HELP!!!

saxmannMay 4, 2010

hi, i hope someone can offer me some advice on this?

the A/C on my 97 honda accord won't click on -- i've followed the power round to the relays and they are both fine - but no power coming through the wires after that point. i've checked all fuses and they are ok.

I'm really stuck on this one -- also i had the compressor replaced 2 years ago

Any Ideas??

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low freon will prevent the compressor from cycling on for most cars. on most cars you can disconnect battery for several minutes and than restart car and the a/c should cycle on for 10 seconds or so. if your car does this than it probably is low on freon. you can put a gauge set on the car and check systems pressures. static should be 75psi or so. if nothing works than it could be on the control side of system. most shops start by checking system pressures.

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hi, thanks i've tried that but still no luck -- anymore ideas that could help??

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