Radiant Floor Heat not warm enough?

nbptmomto3February 28, 2010

I know many many of you are planning radiant floor heat in your bathrooms. What are the name brands? I have a Nu-Heat quote. It's electric b/c we have forced hot air for heat. I remember hearing that some brands don't warm enough? Can anyone expand on that? Thank you for your help!

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We had Nu-Heat installed in October and we are very happy with the heat produced. That said, we prefer to keep it at a low level to take the chill off, not to heat up the room.

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It's not a brand thing. It's a power thing
So, it's not true "... that some brands don't warm enough..."
It's all about power. Volts times amperes.
And whether you have the kind of building that is insulated to start with.

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nbptmomto3, There is many brand name in the market, some work in a different way then the others, but its not just Volts times Amperes, I send some link with info

and this one is also on the EMF

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All the brands are equal. It's a toaster. Do you know what "It's a toaster" means to Electrical Engineers? It's the biggest insult possible, as it means all it does is heat.

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All floor heating systems are not equal. If you read all the specs from various cable heat companies you will find a slight difference.

Floor heat systems come in 240 Volt or 120 Volt systems. Some cables can be installed within 2" of others some need 3-4" of separation. Uneven floors can add extra setting material on top of low spots and this will affect the heat output.

A well insulated room should be able to be heated with an in floor system but because of layout, local whether etc a second heat source may be needed. If possible a layer of spray foam to the underside of a subfloor will go miles in the way of making the new space warm and comfortable. Small spray foam kits are availble and local companies can fit in small jobs with little wait times.

Call/email each of the companies selling floor heat and you will find helpful techs available. Ask them what the BTU output per square foot is for their cable and at what spacing their installations require. There are many online sites that can help you determine your rooms BTU requirements. Often a second baseboard style kick heater can be used in combination with the floor heat to heat the bathroom on the coldest day of the year.

Good Luck

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We've got Warming Systems in 5 rooms, and they work great.

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