Rearview Mirror Problems

criticalmass048May 31, 2005

A year ago, the rearview mirror fell off my wife's '88 Bronco II. To date, I have attempted to put it back on 10 different times, using 4 or 5 different types of glue. I've tried the stuff designed for rearview mirrors, epoxy, crazy glue, and two other glues whose names I forget. They stay on for anywhere from a week to two months. The ones that stay on the longest tend to fall off during a drastic temperature change (I live in Philly, so it's nothing new to be 78 degrees today and 40 degress tomorrow night).

I'm about ready to give it one or two more tries before I finally go and screw it into the roof, which I don't want to do, because it's not going to be sturdy enough to move around, but at least it won't fall.

Yes, I clean both parts with alcohol, and yes, I've sanded down each part, and yes, I tape the little nubbie into place for anywhere between 24-48 hours before I actually screw the mirror to it. HELP!

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Clean the two surfaces with acetone, not alcohol.

Maybe the glass shops have something for or on this.

The mirror fell from my old VW caddy as well, and I never remounted it, adhesives do not work that well with me either....
The mirror should be mounted to the dash(Saab - 60s) and (Chrysler Corp - 50s), but I suspect that the auto-makers no longer mount the mirror to the glass..

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My 0.02.

Don't rush the catalyst and apply the adhesive. You're supposed to wait a minute or two (the product in the attached link wants 5 minutes) after brushing on the catalyst before applying the glue and then quickly mate the two. The catalyst is solvent borne so the idea is to let the solvent evaporate before the glue is applied. The minute isn't critcal so you can let it wait a little longer. (Note also they say that more primer means a longer cure time).

Second suggestion would be to heat the area before and after bonding to promote complete cure. Use a hair dryer to get things warm, bond, and then hit it with some heat for another minute or so. (Note that they say it works best at 65 deg F to 85 deg F. They should add that dry helps too.)

hope this helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: 3M rear window adhesive

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maybe buy a vanity mirror for the drivers side sunvisor so the wife doesn't twist it around to primp everytime she leaves the vehicle. Then you just worry about sunviser flopping around.

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