GE's 'Clean Steel' Finish in same room w 'Real' SS & Samsung's 'S

sarapamelaFebruary 19, 2012

Meant to post this here..... so sorry for similar posting! Here is our dilemna.....We are wondering if it would be a mistake to combine the "Clean Steel" finish of a GE DW with the similar, non-smudge Stainless look on a Samsung french door refrigerator....along with a GE "regular" stainless steel oven and microwave)

The Samsung french door frig will fit great, and it has that Stainless Steel look I like but it doesn't smudge like the real SS! It is a reasonable deal, too.... HOWEVER, I don't like the other Samsung appliances, and it seems Samsung's dishwashers are not the greatest, so I am considering getting a GE "Clean Steel" DW, which is similar, but not identical in color/finish.

We also found a GE slide-in range and matching microwave that we like, but they are real Stainless Steel and they are not available in the "Clean Steel"! Why can't they make all the finishes available in all the models?!

Do you think I will regret getting ones that don't match? The finishes of the frig and dw will be very similar (one is opposite other in galley kitchen), but the stove and microwave will be real stainless and a bit shinier than the matte/brushed nickle looking "Clean Steel" and Samsung "no fingerprint" finish? Will anyone notice?!!????

Help! The promotion ends tomorrow and I'm not sure what to do.....


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IMHO, no one will notice. Buy the appliances based on the functions you want in the price range you can afford. Once they are installed in your beautiful, brand spankin' new kitchen, any slight difference won't be picked up by the eye. And when you've cooked up yummy dishes for your guests and family no one will be looking at your appliances anyway. :)

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Are you referring to Samsung Stainless Platinum?

That is not stainless steel but a silver paint type finish. It looks nice and doesn't smudge but it really does not look like stainless. This is the one that will look the odd man out if it is near SS appliances.

GE and other companies "clean steal" is 430 SS with a protective coating. It prevents smudges but can not be spot refinished. If it gets scatched you live with it, refinish the entire panel, or buy a new panel.

I prefer the Frigidaire Pro Clean Steel dishwashers to the GE ones.Miele also offers these,they are fantastic,but very pricey.

You should find out if the GE range and micro are 430 or 304 SS. That will tell you how close they match the dishwasher. I wouldn't worry too much about it but I know some people are more particular about shades of color.

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NONE of the fake stainless look like real stainless. They all look exactly like fake stainless. They are either a paint finish that looks like paint or they have a clearcoat over a cheaper stainless that looks flat and dull. I absolutely detest them.

Real stainless is NOT difficult to keep clean with the right products. You start out with hot water and Dawn with a microfiber cloth and you remove the factory coating. It may take a bit of scrubbing with the microfiber to get it off. Then you spray it with Pledge furniture polish in the brown can. Never use any of the "stainless cleaners" that contain oil. All they do is attract dirt. The Pledge puts a silicone wax coating on the surface that repels the oil from your fingers, not an oil coating that sorta blends the oil of your fingers with the oil on it's surface. Everything stays cleaner, and if there is a bit of a drool mark from the dog, a swipe with the microfiber cloth will take it right off without any scrubbing. Repeat the Pledge once a week, and during the week a simple swipe will take care of anything else. Stainless is far less maintenance than a black refrigerator is, and it doesn't show dirt like a white one does. It is by far the easiest to keep looking nice---IF you don't fall into the trap of using the wrong products.

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