ford escape hybrid - dark gray interior only???

momfromthenorthMay 14, 2005

What a snappy little car! But I need to vent here. This is a fun to drive, great gas mileage vehicle. But where are Ford's interior designers? Who in the south (southeast or south west) would buy a car with a dark gray interior? You can buy the regular Ford Escape with a tan interior. So why not the hybrid? Do you think that the car designers forgot that heat/sun soak into dark colors and that light colors repel/reflect heat? Or that maybe some people don't like the color gray? Now why would they go to the expense of rolling this car off the line with only ONE color available for the interior? I see so many american cars these days with dark gray interiors...Gosh, then the automotive exec's wonder why the american car manufacturers are floundering?

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It would be good if you could address this problem? directly to Ford, but would they listen ??

I agree, car makers have management/economic problems, it costs less to offer but one interior color and this they try to balance against possible lost sales.
A known against an unknown..

The bean counters are running the show....The potential customers can address the complaint to the dealers - and probably this is as far as it will go - unless there is an overwhelming number of complaints..
Auto executives do not wonder(they are not smart enough) , they just read the bottom line and go from there...

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I suspect Ford also thinks it will sell every single Escape Hybrid they can bolt together. When sales slow down, you'll see more options and interior colors.

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For what it's worth, the interior color is probably a lot less important than the exterior color as a factor in how hot the car's interior gets. If you get a white Escape and tint the windows a little, I don't think the interior will be much if any hotter than if you did the same thing on an Escape with a tan interior. But I agree with you that there ought to be at least a couple of different choices of color, just for the sake of buyers' preferences.

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Who in the south (southeast or south west) would buy a car with a dark gray interior?

I would. I buy black cars with black interiors. Get the windows tinted, roll the windows down a smidge, and put up a reflective windshield screen, and a black interior won't heat up more than 5 degrees over ambient.

You can buy the regular Ford Escape with a tan interior. So why not the hybrid?

Dollar to a donut says that the interior panels are different shapes because they've got to hide a battery somewhere under the floor, which raises the floor height, necessitating different trim pieces. So now they have to stock, and keep the line running with 4 different interiors. Or maybe their supplier could only meet demand at a reasonable cost in 1 color.

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