06 Grand Cherokee oil change.....

sharon620April 6, 2007


I just had my 06 Jeep Grand Cherokee in for an oil change at 14,000. I do have it changed when I am suppose to. Anyhow, it ended up costing me $280.00! They said at the dealership that the axles had to be drained and lubed. ( spelling ) My rotors are going too. That will cost me another 300.

Does this seem right? This jeep is a lease and I realize I have to maintain it but does this usually happen? It is only a 24 month lease.

Thank you

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I assume you are saying you started with a new car, and that the total mileage on the car is 14,000 miles. That being the case there should be no reason to drain and refil the axles, here I assume you're saying Tansaxle, i.e., the automatic transmission. All vehicles I know of do not require the draining and refilling (fresh automatic transmission fluid) before 100,000 miles. Now, if it were needed at a total of 14,000 miles I'd demand it be done under warranty. Now, are you saying your breaks are also needing repair at 14,000, doesn't sound right to me.

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**They said at the dealership that the axles had to be drained and lubed. ( spelling ) My rotors are going too. That will cost me another 300.**

Depends. Sounds like a Stealership, not a Dealership. Have you experienced a problem with the differentials, transfer case, ect? Have you been molesting the hec out of this vehicle? Are you experiencing any brake problems at all? If there's a mechanical problem with the rotors or otherwise and it hasn't been abused, it should still be under warranty. If they're selling you this under the guise of normal maintainence, you're getting hosed. If this is the same place you leased it to you and they're doing this kind of thing on top of it, sounds like they're viewing you as their own personal ATM machine. If my wife came home with that story, that jeep would be back at the dealership parked on somebody's chest. No kidding. jmo

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Under the severe schedule the axle lubricant is indeed something that requires changing at 15,000 miles as per the manufacturer. The question comes back to, what is really severe useage? Because the drive train operates in 4WD all of the time, there is extra loading on the front and rear ring and pinion assemblies. Keeping the axle fluids flushed does increase the lifespan of these components considerably. Now granted as you say you only have a two year lease. We have talked about that before, you already prefer to waste money when it comes to getting your cars, why do you hesitate to care for them properly?

Gary, re-think what you wrote. Use Sharons last post or two about damage to the vehicle, what was it four carfax reports? Brake wear is not and should not be warrantable. As far as "has she had trouble with the axles", that really is putting the cart before the horse. "Preventive Maintanence" is all about preventing problems with those components. Changing the axle fluid occasionally is all it takes to not have trouble with those. I adapted this very strategy to my Ford Explorer, even though it is NOT a recommended service until much later in it's life. The result? There are a lot of cars just like mine, that never even towed anything that have had axle failures. Mine is over 100,000 miles, and has towed 3000lbs+ some 65,000 of it and has no signs of any axle trouble. All I had to do was flush the axles at 20,000, then 50,000, then 80,000, and I'll do it every 30,000 until I no longer own the car. The best part is I don't even tow that trailer anymore like I used to. So there is much less stress on my Explorers drivetrain than there used to be. The fluids show this when I perform a service. BTW the tranny has gotten serviced the same way, and there are no signs of any major repairs looming there either.

So what does this mean? It does not mean always change every fluid and the car will never break down, and that of course is the argument people that really want to get a pass on abusing a car are really looking for. It does mean that breakdowns are much less likely for those that service their cars correctly than they are for those that neglect them. There are a great number of people who jump on the lease programs that only want to drive something newer while never spending a penny on it and then dump it so it ends up as someone else's problem once it starts displaying just how abused it was. Owning a car, or even just leasing it still means taking care of it and fixing what breaks, and protecting what has not.

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Though I agree with you in principle, I gotta disagree in this case. 1st off, people usually don't lease worn out wrecked vehicles in need of a lot of work. 2nd, brake parts are under warranty if problems occur due to a defect in workmanship within the warranty period and not from abuse. Don't know what the warranty period is for a jeep. Way back when it was 12 months, 12k miles. This thing is a year old with 14k miles. Pretty good chance it's still under warranty. If the rotors are warped already, assuming her foot isn't on the brake while driving, it's a defect. There's no way in hec brake pads should wear out in 14k miles either short of some kind of abuse. If they did, somethings wrong, and been wrong all along.

I have a feeling this vehicle is used to burn up the highway, not extreem four wheeling. I'm all for preventitive maintainance, but in this case without knowing the whole story, it sounds like the lady is being taken advantage of. jmo

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I agree with everyone when saying a vechicle has to be maintained. My jeep has been painted because the paint was peeling. Manufactuer (spelling?) problem. I had one accident where the light in the back had to be fixed and just this past winter someone hit and ran and my front bumper cracked. The 4th incident was so minor I don't even remember what it was.
As for me wasting money on my cars....well lets say that is not the topic of conversation. I have learned my lesson with that.
This jeep is a V8 with a Hemi Engine and quattra 2 system. Yes, it is on all the time. It is a 5.7 liter. I use it for work (2 miles away) and local errands. It is not misused at all!!! I try and take very good care of my cars. There is no way I physically abuse this car. I have maintained my oil, filter and rotated my tires as suggested.
Like I said I have learned my lesson is wasting money on cars. I like to lease because I do like a new car or SUV every so often.
I really do like the Nissan Armanda. My cherokee is beautiful too but I just wasn't sure about these services. I do appreciate everyone's input, even when I am being insulted.... ha ha
Have a great day!

Ps. My husband was going to pull his boat with it but he decided on a larger SUV. His is just a little larger ( Ford Explorer). As far as the size of engine and stuff on my car. Did I need it? No way! I have learned to look at this stuff when getting a new vechile.

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Hi John G, good to see your valuable input. I've been away from this forum for a while. It's good to see "old friends".

As for changing the fluids, that's a question I came up with a couple of days back when giving some serious thought to the second tier maintenance on my lightly used 1999 Mazda Protege, now approaching 40,000 miles. I didn't buy the factory shop manual on this car, just the Haynes Repair Manual for 323/Prot 90-99, and don't expect to give a lot of '99 specific details. To the point, it calls for changing transmission and axle fluids/oils at 30,000 miles. I figures WHAT!! and Ouch!! then on asking on this forum it was suggested I go back to my owner manual. It doesn't call for ever changing these fluids/oils. Made me wonder about Haynes publication, then I read here you support the flush/change at 14K.

What's wearning out, the fluid/oil? Hasn't happened on cars I've run 200,000 miles without a change, one was a 4WD Toyota Tercel, part-time 4WD, unless you like to wear out rear tires and like hard to steer driving : >>))

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