we won! woohoo!!!

susieq07January 28, 2013

We WON! WOOHOO!! First place in the very first Holiday Lighting Contest in our development of close to 4,000 homes, and we did not even know about the contest... lol I will add pics. for those of you who did not see them before, however you can not see on photo's that our home is lit all around we have displays all around all four sides, because it can be seen from other roads. We got a beautiful card from the Civic Assoc. (garden club) along with a Home Depot Gift Card. And a yearly membership to the assoc.Pics. of our home were in the news letter. We are thrilled that our huge endevour (hard work) was rewarded. Adding pic of our card:

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Yes, congrats! You certainly shared the holiday spirit w/many! I remember seeing your pics! TFS this news! Jeanne S.

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Congratulations! You certainly deserve it!
I also remember your pictures as I do not know how to put borders around pictures as you did and it really caught my attention. Not only did I enjoy seeing your photos. but I was impressed with your borders as well, LOL!

We also won first place in our neighborhood, but we don't have nearly that many homes and our prize was tickets to the local movie theater. We actually did go to one movie and still have 2 to go.

Great job and glad you received the recognition you deserve!


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Congratulations! How exciting for you.
I remember your pictures and thought your home was
beautifully decorated..so glad you won.

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Susie, you deserve the honor. It takes alot of time and money
to share a beautiful display like that. I for one would love to
have you as a neighbor to be able to enjoy the display daily
during the season.

Candy, congrats to you also! Keep up the good work you two.


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Congrats to you on a job very well done. How fun that you didn't even know about the contest but won it! Luvs

Candy, movie tickets are a good prize. Congrats to you too.

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Susie, I loved seeing your decorations before Christmas.
I can only imagine how much work goes into setting it all up!
I'm so glad you won. Congratulations to you and Candy!!

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Thank you all for your nice replies, did I mention that I will be 69 soon and dh=dear hubby is now 75? and we do all of this ourselves, while the younger working couples on our street have professionals come out to light their homes, only the front of course, at a starting cost of $450.00 base price OMG!

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Congratulations! That's very exciting! I hope it doesn't put more pressure on you for next year! LOL!

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That's so lovely!!! Congratulations on your win--well-deserved!

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CONGRATULATIONS! What a well-deserved win, and so fun you didn't even know about the contest!
(You and hubby definitely haven't let age slow you down a bit, so impressive and inspiring! Thanks for sharing that part with us. My DH and I are close with you in years but not that kind of energy!)

I think its especially great you won over professionally decorated homes. They shouldn't be allowed in a contest IMO, but you sure showed them anyway!! ;o)

hugs, Karen

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