91 Honda Accord - engine light on and won't start

babycutecuteApril 24, 2006

I don't even know a car forum exists on gardenweb! I am so glad I found it!!

My 91 Honda Accord will start normally (with engine light off). However, once I get it started, if I turn the engine off and start again within a short period of time (like when I am getting gas or grocery), it won't start right away. I have to try 2-3 times before it starts again, and the engine light will turn on!

The weird thing is the engine light goes off on its own after leaving it idle overnight.

This car had a similar problem a couple years ago. At that time it wouldn't start if it's been under the sun for too long. If I remember correctly, the mechanics changed the "relay"?? That fixed the problem.

This time it seems different. We have this problem even at night when it's cool.

My car has about 12K miles on it. My husband thinks that it's probably a minor problem and we can still get 2 or more years out of this car. I am not so sure.

Please help!!

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The "engine light" primary purpose is to monitor the emissions control system.
Anything that affects emission will trigger this, and the event will be remembered, at least for the newer OBD II system..
So, the thing to do here is to bring all the cars service requirements up to date.
This problem could be something as simple as battery terminal corrosion up to some sensor or a relay.

Then, have the "codes read"..
An interpretation of the codes may help...

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