What's the problem with Uniroyal for Subaru?

jerry_njApril 26, 2009

I have a 2004 Subaru Forester P215/60 R16 94H, and it is time to replace all four tires.

Looking for a lower price tire I first spotted the Uniroyal Tiger Paw at my local BJs club. They are not cheap, but under $100 each. The tire "guy" says no for the Forester, if I want the Tiger Paw tires I'd have to sign a statement saying I understand the tires are not designed for my car. Checking the web, I find the Uniroyal web site agrees. What's up, the 94H too tough, and why do I need it?

Looking around it appears I can get a General Altimax for under $100 each and they are recommended for the Subaru.

Does the All Wheel Drive put special requirements on a tire? I've never in my long life been told a tire in the right size is not designed for my car, and the store doesn't want to sell them to me.

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I'd say the store knows more about tires than you do. It's their busness to know. It's a liability issue. Yes, there are many cars that cannot and must not use a specific tire. Try mixing a couple of Michelin radials with a regular radial and see what happends. Don't have any passengers in your car when you try it. You don't want to take anyone with you when you go and i don't mean go for the ride. I'd believe the tire store.

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As noted, Uniroyal says no on use of Tiger Paw on the Forester.

I do see a number of "sub" Michelin tires that so come up on a search for use on Forester. These include: General Altimax HP, Bridgestone Insignia SE200, Dunlop SP60 and BF Goodrich Advantype TA, and Continental and Yokohama, which is what came from the factory. All of these seem to be available for the same or less than the Tiger Paw. I have used Tiger Paw on a 1990 Galant, worked fine there, but that was a conventional FWD.

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So what exactly happens if you put those tires on?

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Get off the chocks, put in gear, and drive down the road. Maybe I missing something important. But, it the mfg doesn't rate them for the car, in the case of the 2004 Forester, that is 94H (forget, think that means the tires are good to 129 mph, with a load factor of 94), then if they "Blow" you're on you own.

Will they blow? I doubt it.

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