Microwave drawer--What's the problem?

peonybushFebruary 24, 2012

The Sharp microwave drawer was installed in the island today. I can manually open and close it but it's supposed to have a soft touch open/close feature. Is this something I have to program in or should this be working out of the box?

I was not home when the GC and electrician installed it--I'm guessing they didn't know about this feature.

I fired off an email to Sharp/support but they told me to call M-Fri during business hrs.

Anybody else have this issue?

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Which model do you have? The KB-6001NS with the vent on the bottom is manual only. The KB-6524PS without the bottom vent is manual and has the easy open and touch control. I had the 6524 installed last week, and the buttons are just to the left of the clock. No programming necessary.

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I have the KB-6002L. It's a 30". Just found out it is indeed manual open only and no easy open and touch control.
It's already installed and we are going to leave it at that. DH is ok with it. I can live with it...just disappointed.

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I am sorry you are disappointed, but I am already finding we use the handle much more than the open/close buttons. It's just easier than looking for the buttons (old eyes).

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We installed the sharp drawer microwave a month ago. It is just the greatest! We all love it. Open with eitther a pull on the handle or just press the button. Just bump it with your leg and it closes by itself, or push the close button. It is so entertaining to watch it open and close. Looks great and has a nice "wow" factor. Seems to heat evenly. I thought the auto open & close would spill my full coffey cup, but the soft close is smooth and so no spills. We got a refurbished model from greystone's eBay store. It's perfect and came quick. Be sure and get the model with the auto open / close feature. It is also deeper and wool hold much taller containers.

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