2001 Toyota Sienna

jsouth3April 24, 2008

My 2001 Toyota Sienna check engine light came on today,it has 87,700 miles this is the first time it has ever came on,check the owners manual it said to bring to the dealer,what could have cause this.



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Maybe its the scheduled maintence item: time to change the oxygen sensor(s). Often, this code is stored in non-volatile memory and will not erase by disconnecting the battery. It requires a special tool to reset the code, and the dealer will not reset this code until he has changed the oxygen sensor(s).

I am not familar with Toyotas, but on some of my cars, the light that signaled it was time to change the oxygen senso((s) was a separate lamp and read, "maintence required". So maybe, a trouble code has been set. Who knows? The best way to find out is to read the code, or have the code read by a repair shop with the proper tools.
My advice: Quit guesssing and have the code read. Remember, reading the code is only the first step in diagnosing a problem.

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Thanks,for the reply,I will take it in the next week.


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