American Range double oven question

psyoheFebruary 27, 2013

I just received my American Range double hybrid oven. It is still in the crate until we bring it in the house.

We looked through the cellophane wrapping to look inside. We didn't see any electrical element on the bottom oven. The top one looks like it is gas...supposed to be.

So if you bought one, did the elements come installed or did you have to install them later? We are wondering if they sent us the double gas oven instead of the hybrid. (Top gas and bottom electric.)


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From the American range spec sheet.

Concealed 2,200 Watt Bake Element with the IR Advantage reduces preheat times and creates uniform cooking temperatures.

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Well I have horrible luck. They ordered and shipped the wrong oven. I waited 2 months for the wrong oven. I called American Range today and they said I have the double gas oven not the hybrid gas and electric one.


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Called Friday. It will take another 2 months to get my hybrid oven. This was not American Range's fault. It was the salesman's fault.

My kitchen is going to take forever!

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I have felt your pain!

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Ok update.

American Range Hybrid double wall oven ordered Jan. 4th.
Feb. 25th I received the wrong one. Salesman ordered the double gas. They tried to get me to keep it. Said it would cost me $2500 to return it. I said no. Then they said they hoped I would be NICE and pay half. I said no. Then they offered me $1000 if I kept the wrong oven. I said no. I said I was not paying for restocking either. If I would have paid they could have just put it in their showroom and sold it and kept the restocking fee I paid.

So they said it would be 6-8 weeks again. So April 12th I get a call that says it will be another 6-8 weeks. That would mean I had to wait 18-24 weeks total.

I decided one of three things were going on...
1. They forgot to order it in Feb.
2. Distributor forgot to order it in Feb.
3. American Range was really behind in orders.

I believed #1 or #2. I called American Range on April 15th. I talked to 3 or 4 people who said they couldn't do anything. Finally I talked to the fifth person who told me she would check the hybrid double oven orders. She said none were behind schedule. She then called the distributor. She called me back and said the distributor would call me within the next two or three hours.

She then said that I will not be waiting for my oven any longer. She said they would need a week for shipping but that is all. Yahoo! It would be delivered in a week to the store then to me.

Distributor never called. Store did call and left me a message about how they had raised @$*& and made American Range fix the problem. I couldn't believe they took the credit! They did nothing!

Now I am thinking that they were just waiting me out to see if I would finally accept the wrong oven. The wrong one was still in my garage since they never came to pick it up.

So lesson learned.... I should get the oven next week if their promises hold true. Will update then. Peke

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American Range rocks!

My oven has been delivered to the store. The store will deliver it to me on Wednesday.

How is that for great customer service! It wasn't even their fault.

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My oven is here just like American Range said. I should have called them directly instead of waiting all this time. Peke

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Inside the ovens

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When you get it in and cooking, I'd love to hear about your experience. It's a gorgeous oven! Thanks for posting pics.

By the way, I know reviews are scare on these so far. Anyone know how long they've been out and in the wild?

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Can't find any reviews on the oven, but here is the brochure on American range, including the ovens, (Click the link below).


Here is a link that might be useful: American Range Products

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American was the only one that had a hybrid gas and electric double oven. Can't wait to try it. Peke

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It is in, but the gas is not connected yet. Tomorrow I get to cook in it. It is my only splurge!

Will post when I get to try it out! Peke

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Update! Gas upper oven works but lower electric oven does not. The broiler is amazing. It just seems wrong to be repairing a brand new oven. Peke

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Yikes! That stinks. I totally agree. You spend that much and you expect it to work. Repairs out of the box do not instill confidence. Hope it's just a minor glitch and you have happy ending.

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So Peke-what is the verdict?
Am very interested in American Range wall ovens-how has the customer service so far?
Thank U!

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Well I am loving the gas oven and my mini flame thrower broiler. I have not tried to broil steaks see if it comes close to an outdoor grill.

Customer service? I called them and they said they would send a repair man. I called them on April 30th, I think. Haven't heard from them since. I have been too busy to remember to call them. End of the year field trips, grading papers, and entering grades has been my primary focus. Four more days of school, and I will be free to put more effort into my AR problem. Will post when I find out more.

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Still no repair man. They probably can't find someone who is qualified to repair it. LOL. I live in the middle of nowhere on a lake. Took us two years to find a REAL electrician with a REAL license and insurance. Kept lying to us and when asked to see their license....admitted they didn't have a license. We love the quiet life out here, but is like living in the dark ages....well almost. ðÂÂÂ

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I have to say that reading your experience and that of the few other people here (even though I know it's a very limited, anecdotal sample) has totally crossed American Range's double ovens off my list, even though I was VERY swayed by their looks. Too many issues, for too rare a product is my take. I can hardly find any mention of them at all, and what I have found is mostly service issues, most of them there from the get-go. Not something I want to have to tackle.

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I understand entirely. I wish bluestar had a double hybrid oven.

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Rethinking this...

American did rush my oven to me since my appliance store messed up my order. Could be it is a simple repair. Could be that my electrician messed up and connected something wrong. Something could have come loose during shipping.

So I will email them again or call.

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