synthetic oils

the_woodgeApril 1, 2008

Does anyone know why you should not use full synthetic oils in older vehicles? I have read and heard from various sources that using full synthetic oil in older vehicles is harmful to them. If anyone could shed some light on this please let me know.

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The only issue alleged that I know of is oil leaks. Some claim that it will clean junk that accumulated around gaskets and seals so that you might get oil leaks that you didn't have before. Don't know if there's anything to it or not.

Don't know why you'd want to. It costs a bunch more. IMO, the best thing you can do is use the oil recommended by the manufacturer, and change it every 3 mo's or 3k miles or so.


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I keep my cars a very long time, 10 yrs or so and always over 100,000 miles. My last had 175K before my son crashed it. Always used standard oil and never had engine related problems.

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How old is your " older vehicle "? Synthetic oils are not
recommended for older push rod engines. They are designed
for roller cam and roller rocker engines. Zinc Dialkyldithiophosphate (ZDDP)has been removed from synthetic oils. That was the only protection the flat cam flat tappet assembly had in the older engines against wear.
Synthetic oil in an old flat tappet engine will soon turn
your cam into a one inch round iron bar. Doesn't do the
lifters any good either.

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I forgot. There are two synthetic oils out there for the older engines. Valvoline is one of them and i forget the
other one.

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Mobil 1 High Milage.
Protects cams and lifters too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Has Zink been removed from all motor oils ?

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I was a dealer in synthetic oils for 25 years , tested many oils. The thing that stands out is when it is cold outside synthetics flow .. period. I took a bottle of 10w-30 oil conventional and MOBIL 1 10W-30 , left them outside in sub freezing temps , next morning synthetic flowed and conventional oozed like molasses . I would not recomend synthetics on older cars .. Synthetic oil is in every piece of equipment Iown . initial start up damages engines the most.

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some of the older cars called for mobil 1, buick i remember did, on their turbo motors also think chrysler did on their turbo fours.

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I am a firm believer if you use pennzoil for 30000 miles stay with it . DO NOT keep switching oils . The gap of conventional and synthetics in price is narrowing a bit . I remember the price was 3 to 1 . I go 4000 miles on oil changes but that depends how you drive.The manufacturer of the oil says 15000 miles , they must want you to buy a new engine. I refuse to believe the oil isnt contamimated at some point.

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i change i once a yr wheather it needs it or not.

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