1991 geo metro lsi automatic jallopy...any experts?

serenity_seekerApril 21, 2008

I have the above named car. I call it the "White Wonder". Because, I wonder if I'll make it to my destination today!

Anyway, Some times she starts, some times she doesn't. Recently, the car has been stalling and I noticed that it will happen soon when the car won't go into second gear (Auto Tranny). If I shift it to 1st, it goes into second. Some times I can get home in first gear which is actually second gear, if it doesn't stall out. The only way I can get it started is by pouring a small amount of gas in the carb. Then it starts and if I quickly put it into Drive, it will sometimes start shifting properly on its own. A mechanic mentioned that it has a MAP sensor problem. It is bewildering because sometimes it runs just fine and sometimes it won't even start. Go figure. Any takers?

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What do the plugs look like ?

You may have a dodgy shift cable or linkage.

MAP sensor - isn't that for fuel injection ?

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