Timing Belt

jsouth3April 4, 2008

I have a 2001 Toyota Sienna,that I bought new,it now has 88,000 miles,on it.I have kept up with the maintance and kept a log in the owner manual,since new.The only thing I have had done was have the fluids change,no real problems,still runs good,my question is the maintance book says to change the timing belt at 90,000 should I have the belt change or not,if not would it cause serious damage to the engine.This is the first time the maintance cause for this.I have a friend that has a 98 model he has change his three times,his book shows to change it at 60,00 miles.Any thoughts.



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if it goes, it will trash the top end of the engine, big bucks!! now if your willing to gamble, most likely you can get another 20 to 30 thousand miles from it. now me i would let it go, but after 100k i dont care, i`ll just buy another car. so if buying another car is no big deal, gamble and let it go, if not, you better replace it. your call.

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Take a look at the belt if there is a area you can see it from the cover being in the way?Use a light to see the condition if there are any cracks better replace it.I passed up a chance at a used Ford Ranger pickup truck awhile back after noticing cracks in the belt.

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Replace the timing belt - Don't gamble on this.

If you decide to trade the vehicle at 100,000 miles, it will be worth more with a replaced belt than trying to sell it with a trashed engine.

[A few overhead cam engines are free turning - pistons won't hit the valves if the belt breaks. I don't take a chance on this until I know for sure; Always assume the pistons will hit the valves until proven otherwise.]

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Thanks for the replies,I will have it replaced.


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The boys are giving you some good advice, if the engine is one with a certain clearence setup and the timing belt goes it will definitely trash the valve system and who knows what else on the engine, the repair will cost big bucks, replacing the timing belt is a smart move.

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