81 Eagle SX4

plaidthumbApril 22, 2008

My daughter crumpled the right front fender, enough to make it more expensive for me to repair than it's worth. It's in good shape other than that.

Anyone interested in a project car? It's in NE Oklahoma. 4-wheel drive, 6 cylinder, transmission rebuilt less than 5k miles ago. Interior in good shape. It'll be a great first car for a new driver. Built like a tank in comparison to the little tin cans they're making now. I just want to keep it out of the crusher, but haven't the time/skills to fix it. I'm not trying to make a bundle, just get it to somebody who will revive it and keep it on the road.

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People who had these cars generally loved them. As a tech I did not share their enthusiasm, I found them difficult to work on and very finicky. Remember this is as compared to today's fuel injected with sophisticated computer controlled cars, VS a carbureted, vacuum controlled emissions, slow if any computerization hold over from the 70's. If computerized there was no serial data back then. (Unless the car was a GM, no one else engineered that into their vehicles). Somewhere somebody might want to have this car. I have to tell you I would steer my customers (relatives) away from it. (Unless they can do their own work, because otherwise I would be stuck dealing with it)

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