Another "sleek hood" question

eleenaFebruary 21, 2013

I have found a older thread discussing some aspects but I have a slightly different question.

Can a 600 cfm internal motor coupled with a single mesh filter do a half-decent job, provided I have a 2-burner gas unit and a 2-burner induction unit and never ever deep-fry?

I accidentally posted on the Kitchen Forum asking about Elica hoods though the question is actually still relevant when it come to many European hoods, including Faber and Futuro. I have heard from some high-end kitchen designers that they prefer Elica hoods (which look really nice, I should say).

Many of them have a wide (42"-48") canopy with only one mesh filter and 600 cfm internal motor. The recommended height above the cooktop is 32" for 9+" ceilings.

I have read (too) many threads about ventilation and understand that (generally speaking) more CFM is better, baffle filters are easier to clean, and external motor is the best option.

However, I have a friend who has a hood with a small (from my POV) mesh filter in her newly built house and she is happy with it even though she cooks quite a bit.

Let's say, I am not considering an external motor as I don't do any greasy cooking and only have a 30" cooktop, plus it is simply not in my current budget. I really *hate* the looks of most hoods and the only ones I can *tolerate* happen to be mostly those European-style "sleek" hoods.

I am wondering if getting one would compromise function too much.

Any thoughts or experience with Elica hoods? Is having only one mesh filter really insufficient? How do these companies stay in business then?


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Do you have a model in mind? There seem to be a number of different Elicas, some genuine hoods, others more like wall fans.

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Here is one of them:

It says "Zephyr" but it is actually by Elica, Zephyr was just the distributor for them.

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Compromise is in the nose of the beholder. Will some effluent miss the hood? Probably. Will some effluent not be captured when it hits the hood? Probably. Will flow rate drop with lint and grease accumulation on the mesh? Certainly. Is better performance needed by the OP? This is entirely a matter of personal preference of the OP.

The example hood (well, more of a vent than a hood) will be better than no hood, and better than OTR microwave venting. If the alternative of an optimal hood is never going to be aesthetically acceptable and therefore not bought, then one can conclude that a Zephyr style is a good compromise between not having a hood and not buying a hood.


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I was going to suggest Futuro Futuro. My friends have a flat one like that over their island with a gas cooktop, and they like it. It looks like the Futuro Futuros can come with filters over the whole bottom of the hood, so maybe they capture better. OTOH, they appear to be pretty pricey. Here's a link to a random one in case you want to check it out.

Here is a link that might be useful: Futuro Futuro hood

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Fori is not pleased

I installed one of these alot-of-glass hoods over a 36" induction cooktop but between cabinets which helps funnel goo into the hood. It is a lot of glass. And it works very well. In an island or without side cabinets, I'd want something bigger, but the glass does help catch the stuff you're trying to catch. Don't fear the glass! (So I think you should go for it!)

Elica has some pretty hoods but I could never find any reviews on them. it and review it. I need to remodel a new kitchen. :)

Here is a link that might be useful:

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