96 sonona

kaliningApril 4, 2011

Hi John G or anyone that will chime in. Got a call from a guy

that replaced a standard 5 speed transmission on a 96 Sonoma

2.2 Injected. They R and R'ed the transmission and replaced the release bearing. Has factory anti theft. The truck will no longer start. It will crank but no fuel. spray gas down the intake and it will fire up. They think they have the proper key. I was not there. I know as much about this as any one of you. Any ideas ? Fuel pressure is 43 lbs. Arn't they supposed to be 47 ? Thanks in advance.

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Low fuel pressure would prevent the injectors from delivering enough fuel to run the engine.

There could be a problem with the anti-theft system. See if you can find the reset procedure in the owner's manual or a good repair manual.

Inspect all electrical connections to insure these have been reconnected. What about the ground strap? Its a conductor running from the engine to the vehicle body; Often, it is uninsulated and might be a braided conductor. It could have been damaged or disconnected during the R & R of the tranny. In several GM products, if the ground strap is disconnected, the starter will work but the ignition may be dead. I had one that would start and run while in park, but immediately kill when the shifter was moved out of park. The ignition circuit was making ground through the shifter cables and park switch. Located the problem when when the small wire going to the park switch overheated and smoked.

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Thanks Jim. haven't seen the vehicle and don't want to. It still isn't running as far as i know. He said it has 43 lbs.
but that is after the regulator without the engine running.
With a running engine the fuel pressure would drop even more. That engine calls for 50 - 55 lbs. Even his gauge could be out a pound one way or the other. i did find out the owner always runs with very little gas in the tank. I'm sure the pump has over heated and is toast. Thanks jim.

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