'92 Ford Ranger 2.3L timing belt

bushwhackerApril 1, 2006

The timing belt on my little truck "broke". I've got it torn down, the cam pulley & the one off to the side lined up with each other ie, using a straight edge to line up the pointers & the centers of the bolts. What I need to know is how to allign the pulley on the crank. Also, is it possible for one of the pulleys to be 360 degrees out?



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The right way to do anything like this is with a repair manual at the ready.

You wrote,

"I've got it torn down, the cam pulley & the one off to the side lined up with each other ie, using a straight edge to line up the pointers & the centers of the bolts"

My interpretation of what you wrote is you will have this thing out of time, and your not going to get it started. The camshaft, and distributor driveshaft do NOT line up with each other.

The crankshaft has it's own timing mark, in fact it has more than one set. The easiest to use are the ones on the damper pulley, and the front cover. Yea I know, you have the front cover off now. You'll have to slide it back on in place, slide the damper on, line up the marks and then without turning the crankshaft, take them back off. Now you can put the belt back on.

You will need to check and re-check your work. You will also need to check and set the ignition timing in case you dont get that shaft set correctly.

You asked,
"Also, is it possible for one of the pulleys to be 360 degrees out?"

It's OK to ponder this question for a few minutes. Since all of the shafts are directly keyed to their gears the answer on your engine is no. There are situations out there today where some of the balancnce shafts turn at a different speed than the engine. On those you can be "360 degrees out" or some multiple of 360....

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The only information that I've got is for the 1992, 2.3 L engine in the Ford Topaz. (It's probably the same basic layout as for the pickup truck.) So, with this warning, here's the information for the car engine.

There should be two timing marks: one on the crank grear and one on the cam gear. These are punch or drill point marks. Both gears are keyed to their shafts. There is an inside and outside face for the gears. The timing marks face to the outside. The chain will have to be placed on the gears before sliding the gears onto the shafts. This may not be easy since one or both of these gears may be press fits. If you encounter a press fit, just take it easy and press each part a little at time while keeping the chain aligned. The object is to avoid damage to the chain.

The keyway on the cam shaft points toward the crank. The key on the crank points straight up (and not toward the cam shaft). After the chain and sprockets are in place, the timing marks (on the sprockets) should point toward each other and be in-line with the center-line of the cam shaft and crank. (The crank key will not be on this line.)

Slowly rotate the engine by hand to check for interference with a valve. If all seems ok, then check the rotor position in the distributor. It should be ok since it was not removed, but here's the check anyway. With piston no.1 at top-dead-center (TDC) and on the compression stroke (both intake and exahust valves closed), the rotor in the distriburor should point toward the electrode (in the cap) for No. 1 sparkplug.

Hopefully, none of the pistons hit a valve when the chain broke.

While the timing chain cover is off, it might be a good idea to flush out the oil pan to remove any debris therein, like broken chain parts. Tiny pieces probably won't cause a problem so long as these are too large to pass by the oil pump intake screen. However, larger pieces may get bounced about and caught between close passing moving parts. You can use used engine oil as a flush fluid, or a mild cleaner such as kerosene.

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The information that I gave in the pior post was for the 1992, 2.3 L, Ford engine with a timing CHAIN. If your engine has a timing BELT, disregard what I wrote.

In either event, let us know how the job turned out.

Jem Dandy

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I have a 1996 ford ranger. 4.0 litter engine. How long is the timing chain good for.

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have an ford ranger '92 and a few days i changed my timing belt. What i did is i put the camshaft one teeth ahead off the lining mark. Result is that the engine makes more rpm but accelerate slower. But have more power. And my question is is this a bad or good idea. Its up to your experts.

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i have a 92 ranger and cannot find timing marks on oil pump sprocket or the cam sprocket..... what do i do?

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The timing belt on my ford ranger broke. I have it apart to replace the belt, but there is 2 marks on the camshaft pully and I don't know which mark to use to set the timing on the camshaft. Can anyone give me some info. Also there is a pully off to the right side does this also have to be set on a timing mark.


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there are two marks on the cam shaft pulley, you have a drill or punch mark and a pointer mark. the pointer mark on the cam shaft lines up with the notch in the back part of the timing cover and the balance shaft or the shaft on the right has the same mark, use a straight edge and align them together so they are pointing at each other. the crank shaft pulley for the timing belt has a punch or drill mark that will line up with the notch in the housing around the crank shaft.

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