Lights stay on

RudyMApril 29, 2014

1994 Honda Civic EX 1.6L. Lights stay on when switch is off and keys are out. Removed L and H beam fuses and they stay on. Removing battery is only thing that works. Tried reconnecting battery and turning on/off light switch but nothing. Wife told me the lights would turn on when hitting the brakes, guess I waited to long to fix it because now they don't turn off.

Anything fairly simple to check for a non-mechanic? What would cause lights to turn on when hitting brakes?

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Google this >honda headlights stay on when switch is offI had a brand new Crown Vic. Horn would blow at odd times. Dealer couldn't figure it. I removed each fuse and relay one at a time till it quit. That pin pointed a bad relay. Took 2 full days. THEN they found a fixit notice from Ford.

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If you have a light delay feature (headlamps stay on for a period of time after ignition switched off), there could be a problem in that circuit. Often, this feature is controlled by a small timing circuit board and an electronic switch. This may be incorporated into the daylight running light board. You'll need to get a circuit diagram of the lighting circuits for your vehicle to begin diagnostics.

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