Doorless shower -- material options?

sanveannFebruary 25, 2013

My husband and I are in the design phase for our future home, and one feature we have that we love in the master suite is a doorless shower. However, I really do NOT want to deal with scrubbing grout (particularly that much of it!). Is there any other option that will look as nice as tile but be lower-maintenance (and preferably less expensive)?

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I have a doorless tiled shower and don't find the grout to be a problem. I find that our master shower which is used twice daily is easier to keep looking good than our fiberglass guest bath shower which is used only occasionally.

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Agree with terriks' post above. Like you, I had no desire to scrub tons of grout. The 1st trick to keeping grout scrubbing to a minimum is to have no door--that way the shower can completely dry in a quick fashion. The second trick is to select larger format tiles (at least for the lower part of the walls). The 3rd trick is to squeegee the tile after you shower (or wipe it down with a towel) removing most of the water which takes away the perfect breeding ground scenario of mold/mildew growth--it takes less than 60 seconds and you're done. Last trick is to make sure you have a high CFM vent fan in the bath and use it religiously. Turn it on when you start the water in the shower and turn it off 10-20 minutes after you turn off the water. That just leaves the floor--I squeegee our floor too, then I clean our floor weekly just because I'm OCD that way--spray bathroom cleaner and a quick rub with a brush. The walls get a spritz with spray bathroom cleaner, rinse and squeegee maybe once a month if that. Our grout is slightly off white (Pearl) and it looks as great today as the day it was installed.

Other options besides tile include fiberglass or acrylic (which are more of a pain to clean than grout IMO), granite/solid surface/cultured marble/swanstone walls and floor (gorgeous but $$$$$).

Hope this helps!

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You can do solid surface, but it's not cheaper. It's about twice as expensive.

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We're planning to enlarge our shower and have been looking at the onyx collection. We have a sink made out of this and I love it. One of the ingredients in it's formula is also found in Corian. A friend has a walk-in/ doorless shower made with the onyx collection material and she said she really likes it. It comes in a matte or glossy finish. If we go this route I'll go with the smooth surface, not textured or tile-look. I want something really easy to clean.

The other option I'm considering is solid surface.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Thanks for the suggestions, guys! I don't think we'd go with solid surface, because of the price. I did find some pretty tile designs with dark grout that I really like, which should help, too ;)

Here is a link that might be useful: Vintage shower

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Epoxy grout helps. Also agree on a fan. You could add a fan timer control from lutron that will keep the fan running for 20 mins or whatever time you set longer after the light is switched off.

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