miele pump stuck?

wookie3February 27, 2013

Hello all,
I have a non-functioning miele g2430sci, three years used. The intake drain light flashes 5 times and the washer won't start its cycle. I have checked all the filters feeds and drain hoses with no obstructions anywhere and attempted the reset. I have now pulled the drain pump and am wondering if this is the culprit. I can only turn the impeller by hand 180 degrees in either direction. Not sure if this is normal or if i am just feeling the magnetic resistance?


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Does the unit fill with water before the intake light flashes, or will it not fill at all?

I had an issue about two years ago when I was trying different wash detergents in my Miele, and one of them created too many suds. Some of it when into the lower chamber and activated the overflow protection and drained the unit. After that, the intake light would flash and could not get it to fill.

I called Miele, and they said to unplug it for 24hr and try again, but the same thing happened, so they sent a tech out. He opened up the front panel (located in the center front-bottom of the unit, right behind the toe-kick). There is a white plastic "floater" that will raise up if liquid gets down then, and cause the unit to drain and not fill. The floater was stuck in an up position from dried suds, he pulled it down, and the unit was able to fill. He checked everything else out, and said it was fine, and that the suds that went down there was just enough to raise up the floater.

That's been two years ago, and the problem hasn't happened since. I've been unit Method Smarty tabs, since the clean really well, and there are no suds.

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I checked the styrofoam float and it is not stuck. I can over ride the microswitch by hand and it activates the impeller pump which it turns out was not stuck it just needed little lube and persuasion. The check valve is clear too. My unit will not fill with water to start the cycle.

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Check the fill hose. I recently had the heater element in my KA DW replaced, and when the repairman started it up, it wouldn't fill with water, which hadn't been a problem before. It turns out the fill hose was clogged with black crud which he couldn't clear out and he had to replace the hose. He said that shutting the water off and then turning it on could have dislodged some crud in the line which clogged up the hose.

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I spoke with miele tech this morning and all i got from them was a possible bad inlet hose. The thing is it cant be bypassed as it has a solenoid which is supposed to let water in and we dont think that is happening. 144$ part. ugh. They want 200 to come and look but will gladly sell me the part to install myself but there is no guarantee that is the problem

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Have you checked for something silly like the shutoff valve being in the right position ? Maybe it got moved unknown to you.

Another possible but unlikely thing would be to check the pressure out of the shutoff valve.

I have heard of the solenoids failing - but it's been right out of the gate and under warranty.

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And the solution was a bad intake hose. The solenoid had failed and it was 150$ in parts. i swapped it myself to avoid the 250$ service call.

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