1994 Mustang 3.8 V-6 will not start....

hardinApril 28, 2009

I know it could be anything but I'd thought I'd try here. For several months, once in a while the car wouldn't start. I'd pop the hood, remove clamps from battery, scrape around, pop back on and it would start. Now it won't do anything. Checked battery, it's charged. Replaced cables and posts on battery so those are good. When messing with car, sometimes door dinger will start chiming, and lights will go on, seat adjustments will work, windows will go up and down. Then, thinking car will start, I try it, and EVERYTHING goes dead. So...should I replace battery, maybe its a dead cell, is it an electrical problem, or possibly the starter ignition (which is wore out), fuses, computer?? I just don't know. My husband can't figure it out either. Help please.

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You're right. It could be many things, for example:

1. Bad battery cable.
2. Bad connections to other end of the cable.
3. Starter solenoid.
4. Key switch.
5. Park/neutral interlock switch. (starter won't work unless the transmission is in park or neutral)
6. Broken ground strap (from engine to body)
7. Bad battery.

By the way, does your car have an interlock with the brake pedal, e.g, do you have to depress the brake pedal before the starter will work?

You could take it to a good repair shop and let them figure it out.

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My car is a 5-speed standard transmission if that has any bearing. I appreciate you taking the time to answer. That gives me several other places to check. I know how hard it is to work on cars that are right in front of you, much less having someone try to explain over the computer, especially me. LOL. Thank you.

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The problem is the IGNITION SWITCH RELAY. In 1991 Ford and Lincoln incorparated RELAYS for all basic electrical in their cars

Horn relay
Headlights relay and more. Yours is the ignition relay.

No battery can make everything go blank then you hear doors chimes a day later. Loose or corroded terminal cables could, but im assuming your hubby checked those.

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My v6 mustang won't start. Im guessing it's the gas pump. I was low on gas, and drove around. After, when I turned the car back on, it only lasted about 2 seconds before it completely wouldn't start. I tried putting gas and now it has 1/4 of gas but still Wont start. It's the first time this car dies on me. What could I do?

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