A difference of opinion?

ruthannApril 29, 2011

Hi, Why is it that you can ask 5 different guys a question about motors and vehicles, and you can get 5 different answers? I'm not being sarcastic, just curious.

Another question. My radiator hose developed a leak. Not the big hose, it was a smaller diameter flexible hose with a couple 'right angle fittings' at the ends. When a friend repaired it he used silicone with the fittings. When another friend repaired the repair job that still leaked he said it didn't need silicone, that the fittings had 'o' rings. Who is right? Thank you, Ruth Ann

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Not sure which hose that would be, but if it actually has o rings then it doesn't need silicone. In fact I've never seen any hoses in a car that use silicone.

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I'm not sure which hose you are referring to, but it may be the heater hoses. Heater hoses do not use silicone. These are pushed over a fitting and held in place with a hose clamp. If one has cracked, it should not be repaired; It should be replaced. It is at its end of life and unreliable. Heater hoses are cheap and can be bought in long lengths at an auto parts store. You merely cut a piece to length and replace.

Be sure that you get heater hose quality and not plain water hose. Heater hose must hold hot anti-freeze mix at about 15 to 24 psi pressure.

If your hose has sharp bends, then a custom formed hose for you model may be desireble, but not necessarily mandatory.

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ruthann asks"

"Hi, Why is it that you can ask 5 different guys a question about motors and vehicles, and you can get 5 different answers? I'm not being sarcastic, just curious."

Well ruthann, guys can be opinionated; You've noticed that by now, right? Some guys have more good information than others, but can the uninitiated tell by merely listening? I think not. And the least informed guy may crow the loudest - Its the nature of the beast. So, if you line 5 guys with 5 different backgrounds, you can expect 5 different answers.

So, which one is correct, or at least, most correct. His answer has to make "sense" based on the conditions.

Another reason for getting different answers is the question itself. It has to be correctly posed to eliminate guess-work. If a person is guessing, there is a good probability he's answering the wrong question! And for every right question, there are many wrong questions and assumptions. Therefore, you would expect differing answers (and maybe all wrong answers). For example, the make and model of a car and which engine and transmission can make a difference in the answer. With a variety of manufacturers, there will be a variety of different details employed for doing the same thing. Some are different to merely avoid patent infringements. So if you have a spark-plug question, we also need to know what engine, how many miles on it, when was the last time the plug was changed, etc.

Now, back to the guy thing. The uninformed guy isn't going to tip his hand. You'll have to play psychologist to sort out who got the best goods.

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