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ruthannApril 29, 2011

I have an '02 Buick LeSabre that takes 'Dexron' coolant. I'm not sure of the name, but it is orange. I plan on keeping the car so I want it done right. Do I really need to buy that kind of coolant, or can I buy regular anti freeze? I have heard of both ways. Right now it only has water in it so I thought I would see what someone else says. I live in Michigan if that matters. Thanks.

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The anti-freeze you refer to is DEX COOL. You should not mix it with any other type of anti-freeze. If you replace it, stay with Dex Cool unless you have a complete cooling system flush completed.

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If you flush out the system, you can use other brands, although Dex Cool is good. I do recommend that you drain out the plain water and refill with a 50-50 mix of anti-freeze and water. Also, before refilling, put in a can of waterpump lubricant/anti-corrosion.

[Watch for this: Antifreeze is available in both premix and 100% antifreeze. If you have premix, do not dilute. It is already diluted with water. Sometimes, it is the premix that is on sale. You live in Michigan, therefore go for the lowest temperature protection. For ethylene glycol, that'll be about -35 F at a 50-50 mix. The mix versus freezing point should be printed on the container.]

Premix the antifreeze and water before filling. And then refill using the mix - Its much easier this way than trying to mix to desired ratio in the coolant system.

I recommend a non-sillcate anti-freeze. Its a little more expensive than the regular stuff, but your water pump seals will last much longer.

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