car died today

beth1954April 23, 2008

I have been having trouble for a few days with my car "bogging down" on the interstate. Not just a little bogging down--not that often, but when it does it, it's pretty noticeable. Today I was on my way home and it started bogging down and finally was just like it didn't want to go anywhere, slowing down, etc. So I pulled over for a minute. Pretty soon one of the guys I work with came by and he followed me over to my mechanic's place. The car seemed to do "OK" at a slow pace, but if I stepped on the gas a little harder, it would bog again, only not as bad as on the interstate. What do you think? fuel injectors? Fuel pump???? My car is a 1984 Honda w/198,000 mile on it, and no, I can't get another car! Thanks, Beth

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198,000 miles... Hmmm... have you checked the fuel filter? It may be full of water.

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A lot of the early 1st and 2nd gen Hondas had problems with the carburetors. I've got a 1981 Honda Civic station wagon that was having similar symptoms (Bogging down when I gave it gas, etc.) I was told the carb was probably shot and to replace it with a Webber (apparently they have a carb kit available for these old Hondas)so I had the Webber carb installed and the difference was night and day. Has more pep, is a lot more responsive, doesnt cough or sputter in the mornings, etc. My Civic has just under 80k miles on it is is a garage queen for the most part (It's in mint show -condition) so if you've got 198k on the original carb, that might be a likely culprit.

Could be transmission related as well...?

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