Electrolux Icon French Door Fridge.. reviews?

2LittleFishiesFebruary 26, 2012

We plan to purchase the Icon double ovens and are considering this fridge. We were going to do built in with panels but due to budget constraints we're thinking of doing counter depth without panels.

The Icon 36" French Door looks really nice. I read the features and manual but am confused about if there's drinking water on the inside?? I don't want the model with the water/ice on the outside.

Any other thoughts on this fridge and if they are reliable? A good think is that with built in we needed a 42" to get enough space and now the 36 has just as much space.

Here is a link that might be useful: Icon Fridge

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Originally we selected the model with the water/ice on the outside, but today I'm calling our appliance guy to switch it to the model you listed above. I cannot give any firsthand advice as to whether this refrigerator is reliable, of course, but my understanding about the water/ice is that there is an ice maker in the freezer compartment and no water dispensed by this model.

There is a water filter, but that is potentially misleading because it's only for the ice. I'm willing to forego the water dispenser to avoid any potential problems with in-door models. The salesman said that Electrolux has fixed those issues and he hasn't had any complaints recently, but I've heard this is the most common thing that fails in all fridges (and it caused problems in our Frigidaire)...so I'm not taking any chances with it! I figure we'll just continue buying bottled water, use our Brita filtering pitcher, and/or drink tap water.

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I can't help on reviews but that is a nice looking fridge. Are you doing the trim kit for a built in look?

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Your replies just reminded me I wanted to call Electrolux. Just got off the phone and no, this model doesn't have water inside.

The pdf states, "PureAdvantage Filtration Systems:
Our filtration system keeps clean, filtered air circulated throughout to prevent odor transfer and keeps fresh, clean water and ice at
your fingertips."

I think that's confusing b/c it makes it seem like you can get water : )

Do other fridges have water on the inside? We are giving up our "hot shot" at the sink for budgetary reasons and was hoping this would have had water. But, like rutgercat, I don't like the issues the exterior brings up and I like the look of it better without the exterior water/ice...

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rutgercat- Are you doing the trim kit? Now that MichelleDT mentions it It does look nice : ) Wonder how much extra $?

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I'm pretty sure this reply is too late to be of much value (sorry, I didn't see it until just now), but we opted not to do the trim kit.

I don't recall how much it was, but it didn't strike me as worth the extra money at the time. We were already going over budget, and I thought it seemed like I would have been trying to "fake" a built-in look. Not that it would bother me if someone else chose it...it just wasn't right for us.

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We just purchased this fridge and got the trim kit (free) as well. It will be installed in early May, but sofar as I know it is a good fridge. I really like the sleek look and the interior is beautiful.
I agree with others about any brand of FD fridge with water/ice dispensers being a problem.

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Pretty sure we're going for this one! : )

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Model # is E23BC68JPS for pro handles, or _JSS for curved desinger handles.
Took very long hard look at this fridge. It looks great. This was probably my favourite-looking non-built-in fridge I saw. For 36" counter-depth-ish freestanding fridges, it's one of highest capacities you'll find. Especially impressive is available surface area of shelving. If that was a stat listed, this fridge would be tops for this size.
I too avoided in-door dispenser like the plague after seeing figures how much more likely such models needed repairs vs non-dispenser models. And Electrolux in particular had major issues with this in both standard & Icon versions of this model.

I ended going built-in and finding a smokin' deal (relative to built-in prices) on a Bosch unit.

BTW there are at least 2 different trim kits. The louvered trim kit is the one seen in a couple images on Icon website.
It looks very nice IMHO. I would have done it. It's too bad it's flush with the fridge cabinet and no option to make it flush with front of doors. I'm probably too nitpicky though?
Still looks great to me, link below.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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For those that did the trim kit? Does it seem flimsy to you?

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Did anyone have this fridge installed with trim kit? I can't find any actual photo or review other than the picture on the electrolux website.

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For those who wanted a built-in look, but didn't want to shell out $7000, how thick are the Icon doors? How many inches do they project?

I haven't found one to see in person.

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I'm also interested in getting some opinions on the E23BC68JPS, since I have been unable to find one in store locally. I have been looking for a non built-in counter depth fridge without an external dispenser that rivals the look of professional built-in models.

From what I can tell, the E23BC68JPS is one of the best options available. It's internal design is pretty unique compared to the Kitchen Aid, Jenn Air, and Viking clones that are virtually identical, save for the badging and different handles.

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Spective, did you look at Electrolux EI23BC80K also? Hard to tell the difference looking at the online feature list but it's $700 less expensive.

I would be interested to know what features justify the price difference.

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I finally saw the Icon, and it does look good. The store rep pushed for the Dacor. Living in FL, we do want the water feature. I cannot believe how hard it is to find a frige that doesn't have to protrude more than a few inches from cabinets.

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I've seen the EI23BC80KS, and it's about the same fridge as the E23BC68JPS. Locally, there is not much of a price difference between the two, but the Icon has nicer handles in my opinion.

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