Samsung french door refrigerator - dual ice maker?

lexmomof3February 6, 2013

I'm trying to decide between Samsung models RFG298HDRS and RFG297HDRS. From what I understand, the only difference is the second ice maker in the freezer drawer. If you have the dual ice maker, do you use it regularly? Do you feel like the in-door ice maker produces enough ice for daily use? I need to fill 6 glasses for dinner. Will the single ice maker be enough? Other than filling 6 glasses at a time, we don't usually use a lot of ice. We don't entertain a lot and when we do have family gatherings, we usually get bags of ice.

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Perhaps Samsung can provide more specific information about ice production per day per ice maker in the two models you are considering. That would be ideal.

I have an earlier model of the RFG238 (counter-depth FD, with two ice makers), from Lowes. Reading the manual, I didn't see a specific mention of the amount of ice this fridge can make each day. But when setting it up, you are supposed to produce and discard about 45 ice cubes, so that's a rough estimate of one day's production.

Whether or not filling 6 glasses each dinner will work depends a lot on how many cubes you use to fill these glasses. Also, if ice is more convenient when it is easily available through the door, consumption may increase (especially in summer).

My recollection of previous threads on this question is that the second ice maker really becomes useful for larger families, and during parties. Smaller families may do fine turning off the lower ice maker much of the time (and using the extra space in the freezer). It may be nice to have extra capacity available as needed, as well.

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Since the ice maker is typically the only thing that fails on a fridge, you will approximately double your chances of the fridge needing repair.

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So true! That is the only thing we needed to repair (replace) on the Bosch refrigerator that we sold with our last house. Of course it broke the week before we closed.

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OTOH, if your fridge has two ice makers, you'll have a spare if one of them breaks...

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