replace bmw battery with what? must it be bmw?

denise54April 21, 2007

I stored my 2000 BMW Z3 all winter and the battery was dead when I went to take it out of storage. A tow truck operator started it and advised me to run it for at least 45 minutes, which I did. I drove it several times throughout the day, but overnight, it died again. My husband thinks we should just go get another battery, but I think it should be from the dealer. This is the second battery I've had in this car and it was replaced by the dealer. Does it matter which brand it is??

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**Does it matter which brand it is??**

Not a bit. Just get the correct size and amp hr.

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You've gone through TWO dealer batteries as it is! That's a very good reason NOT to get another one. Go to Sears and get a DieHard.
But I think you have another problem with the Bimmer. The battery should have not gone dead after the 45 minute run. It should have charged. This is why you might be going through the batteries. You might have a problem with the charging system. Have that looked at.

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I sounds like a charging system problem to me. Check and make sure your belt or make sure there is a belt on the alternator. If the belt is good, check your cables to your battery and alternator output and make sure its getting the correct amount of voltage to charge the battery.

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Was the battery disconnected during the storage period? Even a brand new battery will be drained dead after a couple or three of months of storage. On most newer vehicles there is a constant parasitic power drain from the alarm system etc. Once a standard vehicle type battery is pulled all the way to completely dead it rarely recovers to 100% and some simply die and cannot be recharged.

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I would also recomend going for a "six pack" battery if you can find one that fits size and amp needs. They are more expensive than your normal exide, diehard, durlast. Though they are more expensive if you can afford a BMW and then a battery from the dealership the price shouldn't be an issue. The original "six pack" battery is made by Optima but there are knock-offs that are more reasonably priced sold by most battery brands.

This is just my recommendation on your battery options, but I would still look in to the charging system and any possible shorts that might also be draining the battery.

Good Luck

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denise54, denise54, where are you?

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