Advice? Convertible top peeling away from back window

la_koalaApril 30, 2011


I have a old convertible, with a glass rear window. Over this winter, the bottom part of the top started peeling away from where it had been sealed along the bottom of the back window.

Does anyone know of a way to re-seal it to the window? Short of replacing the whole top?

One 'wrinkle' is that that portion of the top doesn't lie flat against the window anymore. It's curled up. If it were a pair of pants, I'd take steam iron to it to press it down. :-)

Thanks in advance for any insight on this!

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Leave that to a pro in trim work. Some can be repaired, some simply are in to poor of condition to try and repair. Everyone that owns a soft-top should expect to replace the top at least once.

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