Best FD CD fridge today?

chadw01February 28, 2014

Looking at the following mid-range french door, counter depth fridges before the big remodel:

LG 20.7 Cu. Ft. French Door Refrigerator (LFC21776ST)

Frigidaire Gallery 22.6 Cu. Ft. French Door Counter-Depth Refrigerator (FGHG2366PF)

Fisher & Paykel (RF201ADUX)

KitchenAid 22 Cu. Ft. Counter-Depth French Door Refrigerator, Architect� Series II (KFCS22EVMS)

Not a fan of the water dispenser on the door (one more thing to break) - so these are my contenders at this time; any current owners care to chime in?

If there are any other comparables that I missed, feedback would be appreciated before I narrow them down.

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I can't really compare, but we're very happy with the KFCS22EVMS. I think it is a bit deeper than the Frigidare / Electrolux so you may want to look closely at dimensions.


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We have a counter depth Kitchen Aid FD and are very happy with it. No water or ice in the door for us. It does have ice water on the inside.

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We have a Kenmore CD FD fridge. It does have water and ice in the door, but we use them all the time, as do our kiddos. Haven't had any problems yet (knock on wood).

Having water gives you more models to pick from.....

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Have you looked at the Jenn Air? We were at the appliance store recently with no idea what fridge we wanted and walked out sold on the Jenn Air FD fridge. It comes CD, and no water in the door (but you can get a very subtle internal water dispenser, which is pretty nice actually). We are only at the beginning g of out project so we haven't purchased yet, but that's the one we are planning on. Friends have one that they are happy with too.

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Yes, I looked at the JA and KA (which are both owned by Whirlpool), the KA KFCS22EVMS looked identical to the JA save the badge - and I wasn't too impressed by the layouts inside.

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Have you looked at the Liebher CS2062? I was going with Thermador, JennAir or Monogram until I saw this one. I am in the waiting for the contractor to finish his last job category. I am glad because every appliance I had chosen after talking to the people at 6 different appliance stores did not get good reviews. I am no longer looking for a matching kitchen. I want good appliances that hold up.

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We've have had a JA CD for about 8 years and still like it just fine. We were also a big believer in --- "Not a fan of the water dispenser on the door (one more thing to break)". We WERE.

For us (two adults two kids), water is our primary beverage and we entertain a lot. Because the water dispenser is inside, the door is open/close open/close all day long and especially when friends are over - and then the fridge temp can take a hit. The "one more thing to break" consideration unfortunately came into play with the FD door gasket - it stopped closing and sealing properly - likely because of the high use for water. I was about to order a new set of door gaskets until the parts guy suggest reconditioning the gasket w/ petroleum jelly. That did the trick.

Anyway, because of how much we rely on the water out of the fridge I would definitely get the water dispenser in the door next time.

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Would never buy another fridge with water on the door. Had a JA, when the solenoid broke, it did so in the on position and ruined the flooring.

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We're replacing a GE Profile CD. We also suffered damage to wood floor from water-in-door issues plus had to pay for repair as warranty ran out just weeks before it happened. A year later we had another leak & I'm so mistrustful of it I just turned off the water source, so now we don't even have ice. Perhaps we got a lemon, but no more water-in-the-door for us. We're going with an Electrolux FD CD.

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I wonder if through the door water failure s a pervasive problem. If so, I too would change my opinion and stick with the inside water.

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The sales rep I'm working with has been in the appliance business for 25+ years. I asked about the track record on water in the door fridges. She said some brands had had a higher percentage of issues than others, but that none of the brands had a perfect record with them. She said problems have been fewer but once people had an issue they were not inclined to try again.
She noted more people shopping didn't want that feature as compared to a few years ago when it was a "must have." However, she said the style people have really moved away from is the CD side by side w/ water & ice in the door, primarily because it leaves so little room in the freezer section.

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Hm, maybe the best pick for you is Maytag mff2558vem (without water dispenser on the door - full review ->
My favorite (with water dispenser on the door), with awesome design and top quality is Frigidaire fpus2698lf ->

Here is a link that might be useful: Maytag MFF2558VEM Review

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We have had nothing but heartache with our 8-month old Elux FD CD. It has ice and water thru the door, but it was actually the lower ice maker that failed. The freezer leaked cold air upon delivery and recently the upper stopped holding temp. It took 2 weeks to get parts, repair was made, and no improvement. We are living with it for now as we have a grave family illness that takes precedence but I would not recommend Elux. Unless maybe the upper lines. Ours is the standard touch panel, not the Wave. We have bought a 2 yr extended warranty -- something I never do -- but I wonder if it will last that long.

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We're seriously considering the Fisher & Paykel. We use a lot of produce (green shakes for breakfast and lots of salad/veg throughout the day) and I loved their produce tray/bowl configuration. I get really irritated by our current produce drawers as they're difficult to pull in and out, hard to find things in etc. The F&P seemed so easy to pull out, lift off to refill, clean etc. I also like the sound of the F&P refrigeration design although I don't know enough about it yet, still researching that one. I'm not too worried about F&P as a brand, have had it before, liked it and never had issues with getting service/support in my area.

I went with a built-in last time and I've learned that the taller configuration of those isn't great for a family of kids. Liking the fact that my preference is actually the cheaper option for a change ;-)

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We just bought the frigidaire FGHG2366PF and it was delivered Wednesday. I did not want water and we did not hook up the ice machine-- we do not have a water line where fridge is installed and do not really care about ice that much.
My first thoughts are the fridge space is ample for a counter depth except for the veggie and fruit bins , but there are only 2 of us so I can manage.
The freezer is a disappointment. It holds much less than my LG bottom freezer did-- space is lost with the slide out top drawer since it will not slide when a package is a bit too high.
It does make more noise and seems to run more but maybe that is normal for newer fridges.
It has LED lighting which I love and a door alarm if it is left open too long and alarms if the temp gets too hot.
I wanted a fingerprint proof finish which is why I chose this fridge and did not want side by side. I also wanted to keep it reasonably priced since I had bought my regular LG 6.5 years ago and I am frugal and could not justify a new fridge when we redid the kitchen. The LG is now the second fridge mostly because I need freezer space and we like to keep extra beverages cold.
Hope that helps.

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We got the Fisher and Paykel counter depth FD a few months ago. We had almost no other options as all the other brands were too tall for the space we had. I like it fine, although I'm still learning all the new places to put everything. I really like having the freezer on the bottom, and we drink our water at room temp plus I don't like "holes" in the door, anyway. The stainless surface cleans up pretty easily, too. I guess I'd have to say I have no complaints so far. It's quiet, too.

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