Inexpensive paint job

timbulbApril 23, 2008

I have a small Mazda truck that I need to paint white to make a work truck. I'm wondering how much an inexpensive paint job will cost. I'm assuming there are different levels of paint job.

What kind of place should I go to?

What are some things I should know while shopping around.

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I used to get $29.95 paint jobs 40 years ago and had good luck with em. Spect they'd be a tad bit more now. $143.79 at 4% inflation. :-)

They don't do much masking or degreasing. Take off as much hardware as you possibly can. Disolve off the road tar. Scrub the car down thoroughly with comet cleaner. Rinse and dry thoroughly too, of course. Might hit any rust spots with something like Rustoleum Rust Reformer. Talk to em first and ask what you can do for prep work and what they don't mask. That's where I got the above tips. Pay special attention to cleaning the wheels as they will slough off on those. Pull the hub caps.

Couple years back I bot an air compressor, hi-pressure air gun plus the primer and paint and tape for about 1/2 the cost of having my P/U did which woulda been about $700. But I've did it before.

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Depends on what kind of shape the paint that's on it is in. Figure $200-$300 for material minimum. The rest is sanding, cleaning and masking. If the paint that's on it now is in good enough shape to be painted over, a $600 job at maaco or the like will probably serve your purpose. If the paint is in bad shape, there isn't a cheep option. It would have to be stripped down to the metal and start over. Lots of labor. Probably $2000+.

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