two questions

sharon620April 16, 2005

Has anyone here ever filed a car or truck under the lemon law and how long does it take to resolve a problem? Also,

what do you think about the volvo xc70 Cross County wagon?

Thanks for your help!


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i did it several yrs ago with a dodge truck. wouldnt recomend it. a long process, i lost money. this was in mich. other states might be different. in the same sitiation again, i would just trade the lemon off on somthing else, take my losses.

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I like the Volvo XC70 wagon. I think it's a lot like the Ford Freestyle, so you might want to take a look at that one too. Probably more practical than an SUV for most people, especially if you don't need to tow anything.

I agree with Bill_h, getting a legal resolution to your problem might be a long process, but maybe not if you live in a state with a law that's slanted toward consumers.

I feel bad for you though; didn't you just get the Mitsubishi to replace something else? Pretty soon you're going to have experience with every make and model of vehicle on the road, and obviously not all of it will be positive.

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I may be a little late coming in on this. We have 2 XC70s, a 2000 and a 2004, and LOVE them.

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