bmw x3 or benz ml350

cactuscatieApril 10, 2007

I currently own a 2001 BMW 540 which I am going to sell. I've narrowed my choices down to the above two. I am torn because the BMW Warranty is:

1.The BMW Maintenance Program for four years or 50,000 miles; one of the most comprehensive maintenance programs in its class.

2.Unlimited-Mileage Roadside Assistance for four years.

3.A New Vehicle Limited Warranty for four years or 50,000 miles

In the first 4 years of owning my BMW, I didn't put a dime into it even though it went in for maintenance. Everything replaced at that time was covered.

I don't think Benz has a maintenance program, do they? Am I just thinking the warranty to death, should it even be a deciding factor?

I don't know anyone who owns a Benz. So if there is anyone on this forum who can give me their thoughts or advise. How much is the Benz for maintenance? Does it need maintenance every year. I don't know the workings of a Benz, but I sure do like the ML350.

I apologize for asking so many questions. I have been thinking about this for a couple of months and still haven't made up my mind. Any help in making my decision will be greatly appreciated.

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Look at the total package if you consider the cars mostly equivalent. You don't get the BMW maintenance for free, the cost are in the sticker price. There is no free lunch.

If BMW has somehow gotten the deal/dealer-shop to take a low profit or cost based maintenance charge-back, then that could be an incentive to give you more for your money, but I think the shop is run as an "independent" profit center, so such a deal is problematic.

That's how I see it in our market economy. I have no direct information/data.

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