back signals don't work but front do

jedman22April 27, 2013

So I drive a 1993 ford explorer and my back signals don't work at all and my front signals do but they just stay on instead of ticking and I checked fuses and changed bulbs and they still don't work any ideas?

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Do the brake lights work? Do the back lamps work when the headlamps are turned on?

If none of these work, then suspect a loss of a ground connection.

If only the signal lamps are affected, the search is narrowed. Without the additional load of the rear signal lamps, the thermally operated blinker relay won't work, or works erratically. Both rear signal lamps are inoperative. My first guess: You have lost continuity in the rear signal lamp circuits. Since both are affected, look for a connection that is common to both. I suspect it is a ground connection. If this is not the problem, you need to broaden the search.

The right and left signal lamps are fed by 2 separate circuits. I'd be surprised if both of these were out at the same time except in cases of wire cutting, etc.

If a simple item is not the cause, then you will need a circuit diagram to sort things out.

You did not mention anything about the condition of the signal lamp assembly. If it is corroded out, it may need replacing. Are both lamp sockets in good condition?

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