Anyone have experience with Pacific Sales for appliances? (In Bes

akcorcoranFebruary 2, 2013

Or Best Buy is one of the ones that has been revamped and has a HUGE appliance department with virtually every brand of appliance. Shockingly, it even has the entire line of Miele appliances, right down to their rarely-seen full-size wine cooler!

It is "insourced" to Pacific Sales (sort of like they use Magnolia for high-end video and audio and "GeekSquad" for computer stuff.) Pac Sales looks like it's a company that is based out west - not much info here in MD about them.

Anyone have any experience with Pacific Sales?

I would *never* buy a Miele from our Best Buy alone - the old guys were clueless and would look at the tag in front of you when you asked a question. They fellow I worked with from Pac Sales was actually pretty knowledgeable.

I'm trying to decide if we should buy our Miele there - the only other place that carries the line, now that Ferguson has abandoned it, is a store that's 40-miles away. While it's a local store that offers nice service in sales, they don't service Miele at all - and they'll charge my $70 to deliver.

So, I guess I'm looking for any feedback or experiences with Pacific Sales - outside of Best Buy most likely since they just partnered.


Here is a link that might be useful: Pacific Sales website

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I can't comment on Pacific Sales, but I wanted to address your statement about no Miele dealers near you. Have you looked at the dealer locator on the Miele website? I have no idea where in MD you live, but there appear to be at least 12 authorized Miele dealers within 25 miles of Baltimore.

Also, are you averse to buying online? Many places online offer rock bottom pricing and free delivery. They also do not collect sales tax (though technically you should be reporting that and paying it to the state on your own).

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Hi! It's funny - I am in Baltimore but a lot of those "dealers" aren't actually! Ferguson has shut down it's Miele sales. Two that I called no longer offer them. Several are like Best Buy - they can order them but they have no one on site that really knows or services them.

So, it's actually the latter that I'm asking about BECAUSE I would order on the Internet if they aren't going to really be doing anything but ordering it (and taking a cut?!) It's just a matter if whether it's better to have some Miele-authorized distributor install it?

I've got a great plumber - and I like a good price but I sort of worried about having no relationship with anyone connected to Miele at all?

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A few years ago, Miele doubled the warranty on appliances installed by a Miele-certified installer; that certainly might make a difference to you. But I don't know if that policy is still in effect.

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Fori is not pleased

I'm on the west coast where most Pacific Sales stores are standalone. They are a real appliance store as far as I can tell--just as ignorant as any. :) The one near me has more Miele/Gaggenau/Bosch stuff on display than the actual distributor.

I almost bought some stuff from them and they offered to hold it in their warehouse until I was ready to have it installed and start the warranty. And while they can't do anything about UMP pricing, they were willing to deal about the delivery or other items to help make up for it.

I would have no qualms buying high end stuff from them, but then I am much closer to the Pacific than you are. :P

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Appliance warranties are handled by the manufacturer not the retailer so it technically doesn't matter who you buy the appliance from. On the other hand, some retailers do have their own authorized repair departments.

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My understanding is that Miele doesn't have many authorized repair departments in just your average joe appliance store, and certainly not the big box ones, but have trained service technicians in various areas?

It's really interesting looking at the dealer list again - some of these are stores I've never ever heard of and can't seem to find (one sells "quilting" supplies and also appliances?). One that is listed as a service technician dealer as well does not do service on them - they just call someone for you. Hmmmm?

Got to find out if the deal chac_mool mentioned is still valid - I felt like I read somewhere that it was no longer offered but it would certainly be something I'd pursue if it was.

Thx -

EDITED TO ADD: Just talked to one of the local dealers. The offer to extend a warranty because of the install being by a Miele-authorized technician is no longer active. He also said that even though they are listed on the Miele website as a service technician, that Miele always wants their independent technicians to look at it first, so it's exactly as I thought - I call the local appliance folks, they call Miele, Miele comes. Not exactly sure I need the middleman there?

I know the Diamond has that 5-yr warranty on it - not sure if the Dimension Plug comes with anything like that? Maybe I'll have to go broad and ask the differences in practicality (vs their marketing chart...)?

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Fori is not pleased

Quilting supplies? I guess I can draw a line. Miele does vacuum cleaners. Vacuum cleaners are often at "Sew 'n' Vac" stores. High end sewing machines for quilting...

I wonder if that store only has vacuum cleaners and employees would look at you like you had two heads if you asked them about their dishwasher selection.

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I live out west, Southern CAlifornia. I bought all my appliancces from Pacific Sales, Miele DW, Electrolux oven and speed oven, Electrolux induction cooktop and Electrolux wine fridge, Jenn-air 48" built in Fridge. I even bought a set of Maytag washer and dryer from them, as well as a TV for the master bedroom and a "Toto" for the master bath.

I was very happy with these purchases as well as the installation of the above. All were done at the "Scheduled times" and in a professional manner.

Unfortunately, even after close to 7 years now , I can not comment on Pacific Sales Repair Service, as nothing has "Busticated" yet!!

The only thing I did not buy at Pacific Sales was a Fancy conventional Smooth cooktop, (Caldera), that succer didnt last much more than a year, and was problematic even under the 1 year warranty, with little or no help from the store I bought it from, the distributor or the manufacturer.

Anyway that succer's in a trash heap somewhere---should have bought the cooktop at Pacific Sales, in the first place.

Good luck with your hunt, hope you are as fortunate as I have been, (save for the Caldera cook top).


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Bought an LG FD refridgerator from their BestBuy integrated store recently. About three hours after it was delivered and installed and they hauled away the old fridge the thing quit working. Called them up and at first they tried to tell us we'd have to wait for another delivery window to get it swapped out which was a few days later. After protesting a bit they agreed to return the old fridge that same day. Some food went bad but we were satisfied that they did the right thing. Overall I'd say the pricing (for non-UMP) and service was good and pretty good selection too.

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Thanks for sharing your experiences, everyone. I'm torn because the price is the same for the Miele Dimension Plus at both (usually the Miele prices are fairly fixed,) but the local appliance store wants to charge $150 for installation and delivery. If they were also going to service it, it would be one thing, but if they are just going to call Miele, Pac Sun can do that too and I pay nothing for install and delivery?


P.S. The quilting store - Stitches Etc - does sell Miele vaccums but they also sell their appliances too, including dishwashers. They apparently just LOVE Miele. It's the strangest thing ever! Check it out:

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