Uh-oh... Need to find a different rainshower head asap!

treasurethedayFebruary 23, 2012

Today my frameless shower door was installed and it looks beautiful! That is, until it became obvious that the door swing will not clear our rainshower head once it is installed. This masterbath renovation has been a very (very) long process and after the plumbing was roughed in and the showerheads were ordered, we decided to take the advice of the glass door guy and go with a full height door. Neither of us realized at the time that our rainshower head would extend below the 6" stub in the ceiling. (Apparently, we chose a particularly HUGE rainshower!)

There is nothing that can be done to lower the profile of ours so I'm scrambling for another, hopefully to stay on the plumbers' schedule for next week.

This is what I need:

1. MAX height, including all fittings: 4 1/2"

2. Traditional/transitional design (I'm trying to avoid the very contemporary flat rainheads.)

3. Polished nickel finish

4. Large diameter spray area

These are our faucets, Sigma 720 Alicante in polished nickel:

Any ideas, suggestions or photos would be gratefully appreciated.

Thanks so much!

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That looks like a Sigma 12". Rohl makes one similar, but I still think it's just a tad deep by maybe 1/4 or 1/2". I don't know if Rohl is vailable in PN.

If you eliminate the straight arm and bury the nipple in the ceiling, is the Sigma still too deep?

It's tough because most of the skirted 12"ers that do come in nickel are pretty deep.

Kohler has one called "Traditional". It's halfway between your skirted Sigma and the flat modern styles. Kohler #13694 But it is available in PN and it'll fit. Well, their version of PN, they call it "Vibrant Polished Nickel".

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Thanks, Mongo, I'll check those out.

You're right, it is a Sigma 12". Although a straight arm is pictured, it doesn't come with (or need) it. I had hoped that the 8" Sigma would work because the online spec sheet shows the overall height as 4 1/2". I called Sigma to question that because the spec sheet for the Sigma 12" shows a depth of 5 1/2" and but in reality it's almost 7". Apparently, they haven't updated their spec sheets to include the swivel fitting/required water restricter that now comes on both the 8" and 12". I'd be ok if that were removable but I'm told that it's "glued in"(!)

I have to find something that will work because it was my husband who really wanted the rainshower and me who really wanted the full height door. It's going to look pretty bad if only I get my way... lol!

Thanks again!

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I've identified three possibilities...

Kohler Traditional (3 3/4" height; Either the 10" diameter with 78 nozzles (#K-13693) or the 12" with 102 nozzles (#K-13694))

Brizo Traditional (Rain)showerhead (#83310-PN) (4" height; 11" diameter)

Jado Traditional Rain Showerhead (2 3/4" height; 10" diameter) (#860/110/150) (If their "Platinum Nickel" finish is the same as polished nickel)

Any opinions on these brands? All of them are 2.5 GPM... is that about the maximum available?

We have a 3/4" stub (as was needed for the Sigma 12") and all of these appear to take a 1/2" fitting... is that easily changed?


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I have a 3" shower arm for our rainhead - if you could replace your arm with that would it help? Once you screw one end into the pipe in the ceiling and one end to the showerhead, you only have 2" arm holding the showerhead.

I think 2.5GPM is the max on all of them these days. My connections are all 1/2"...someone else is going to have to chime in on reducing from 3/4".

Here is a link that might be useful: 3inch overhead shower arm

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I haven't heard any specific negatives on any of them.

If you're willing to step down from the 12" to the smaller 11" Brizo or the 10" Jado, I'd recommend the Jado just to give yourself some additional vertical clearance.

Most every large rainhead I've seen pivots or tilts, and the extra inch of space will help with door clearance. Just in case.

The 3/4" to 1/2" reduction can easily be handled by a reducing coupler. If it'll be visible you can get a chromed one, it not, a rough brass casting will do fine.

One other question. Your shower is of the appropriate size and you have no local code restrictions preventing an in-swinging shower door? Just checking to prevent possible surprises come inspection day.

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Thank, Chays, for the suggestion but we only have 4 1/2" TOTAL to work with so we'll need to install a rainhead with no arm at all.

Thanks for your help, Mongo. We're going to try the Jado rainhead first since I was able to order it through Amazon at a whopping 72% off list price(!) It will be delivered tomorrow, in plenty of time to check it out before my plumbers come on Wednesday. I spoke with my plumber (actually his far less knowledgeable helper) who said he was pretty sure that we have a 1/2" supply fitting. I asked him to bring necessary parts on Wednesday to deal with reducing from a 3/4" to a 1/2" just in case. (If he's right, that means that they didn't set us up appropriately for our Sigma rainhead...*sigh)

Our shower door swings both inward and outward so I believe we will be in code compliance.

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Yup, the saloon door swing satisfies in a most excellent manner. Smart!

I second the choice of the slimmer Jado as well. Double Smart!!

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I just love Amazon Prime... our Jado was delivered in less than 24 hours and we got it for an amazing price. The finish looks just like my Sigma polished nickel so I can't wait to see it installed.

Thanks for the suggestion, Mongo!

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