Frigidaire quality is horrible

EmmettBrown85February 7, 2013

Note to everyone, never EVER buy Frigidaire. I bought a stove/micro/dishwasher/fridge and they all have problems and Electrolux is the worst company on earth to deal with.
1. Frigidaire Gallery microwave: worst of the lot. Fit and finish isnt great, the thing rattles ALL THE TIME due to horrible design. The metal is about 1/64th of an inch thick and they use 'screws' which threads are about 1/8th apart, thus lots of room for movement. I've had 9 visits by 2 tech companies - they've put in larger screws, larger bolts, no success. 8 bolts to be exact.
2. Frigidaire Professional D/W: doesnt clean well, my 10yr old Kenmore that i got rid of cleaned better! And the motor is unbelievably loud when emptying water. The track on the door for the bottom rack is very shallow thus its constantly derailing.
3. Frigidaire Gallery Fridge: humming noise comes and goes, very loud. They cant figure it out and wont do anything. Doors are closed but they dont register as closed which results in the alarm constantly going off.
4: Stove: cheap parts - the tray on the bottom has plastic 'stops' which are hit by sharp metal from the drawer side - which cuts the plastic and the door goes in too much. CRAP design. Oven also takes VERY LONG to heat up.

Electrolux has been of zero help!! they say call the service co, service co. says to call Electrolux, Electrolux says to call service co. I used the self clean for the first time and the over door wouldnt open. Electrolux said "i'm customer service, i cant help you" and to call a service co, they'll help for free. Service co. said $105. NIGHTMARE!!!

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I had an expensive dual fuel slide-in range about 12 years ago. It was Kenmore, but made by Frigidaire. Long story short, within 2+ years we junked it. The knobs pretty much melted, the glass top IMPLODED (we thought the house was blowing up), and the main control board went (it was an F5 or something code that kept flashing). I had to fight with both Sears and Frigidaire to get anything done about the glass, since that was a safety issue. Frigidaire took no responsibility. I would never by ANYthing Frigidaire EVER again.

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Its a gamble with any of them. My SIL bought a Kenmore stove several years ago now-made by GE. Nothing but trouble.Had to have board(s) changed every year and forget cleaning it. If you did the self clean it never opened again till the service tech did it manually. She kept the MA on it just so they would keep it going. Finally she got a tech she had never had before. They were talking about how much trouble she had over the years with it. He then checked something else about it and replaced that part. Hasnt torn up since and that has been a few years now.

My Sister had a new Wpool built in micro/oven and it was always trouble. The oven would just go into the self clean mode by itself and the only way to stop it was to throw the breaker. Wpool replaced the boards in it several times,finally after two years they replaced the oven. They moved shortly after that with job transfer so dont know if it stayed fixed or not.

Just cheap or weak parts I suppose.

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