car suggestions?

soulsocket7April 19, 2010

Gonna be picking up a new (to me) compact hatchback very soon. I am thinking about:

Scion xb (old body style)


Pontiac Vibe/Toyota Matrix

Subaru impreza (if I can find an affordable one)

Ford Focus SVT (5 door)

I've done lots or reading up on each of these models, just wondering if anyone has driven them or what you think about them.

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We have a 2005 Scion XB and have 90,000 miles on it. Not a single problem yet. My wife drives around 80-90 miles a day total in going to work and back, and I think she averages around 32mpg. Lot of space in the "toaster" lol the one thing that I truly do NOT like is the AC!!! It works and cools the inside down, but you can't get super cold! and In the hot days of DC, that really sucks!! I have visited Scion forums and thats 1 of the biggest complaints about the Scion XB! Not sure if the newer ones have improved AC. Rides a bit rough too, but its fine!! I think we paid $15,000 out the door in 2005, and for the $$$$ it was a bargain!

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Be cautious about the Pontiac Vibe/Toyota. It may be affected by the Toyota recall problems plus the Pontiac division and Pontiac models are obsolete. Supposedly, existing stock will continued to be serviced by GM, but for how long? Today's words do not always compare to actuality a few years down the road.

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Hey r u looking for Car..? The best way is Used Cars as these are cheaper in price and provides more features like almost new cars for your next car....

Here is a link that might be useful: Cardatabase

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