uppholstering from car roof

frankb_cApril 10, 2006

The Upfolstering on the inside of the car is peeling away,

The cloth has dropped.

Like on our heads?

from Heat on driveway.

Is there something we could use to re-glue this without changing the whole inside?

Car is 11 years old.

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I never had good luck re-glueing upholstery. On one car, I just removed it. Then I drop-clothed the interior, and rolled on a color-matched paint, with texture like the interior of a house. The car was louder without the roof padding, but it worked.

On the other car, I paid $200 for an upholstery shop to install a completely new roof liner.

11 years old says it's a 1994-1995. Might just be a poor adhesive selection from the manufacturer. On both my cars, I found that many other owners of the same car had the same problem at the same age. One of mine was a '77 Toyota, and it was only 8 years old, the other one was an '82 Volkswagen and it was 20 years old.

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Tried gluing a Navaho pattern material on my Comanche (Ha!) It was tapestry type heavy material.

Tried the spray glue and that didn't work, couldn't take the heat, then I mixed up a batch of fiberglass resin, that worked but I was there for half an hour pushing up sagging cloth as it dried. Truck stank for a week.


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