Change 6-Year Old Coolant?

mister_hApril 17, 2007

Yes, it is that old in my 2001 Dodge Dakota truck which has relatively low mileage for its age, 25,000 miles. The color of the coolant (original from factory) is still bright green and I don't see any other contaminant in it as far as I can see when checked opening the radiator cap and reservoir. The truck has never had any kind of overheating problem even when towing in hot weather. The temp gauge needle has always indicated no higher than the middle position.

Should I change the 6-year old coolant in my truck or leave it alone?

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I have yellow p but that doesn't mean there isn't sugar in it or other contaminates. 3 years is tops for anti freeze.
anti freeze NEVER wares out it's the additives that protect
from rust,acid,and corrosive contaminates at do. you see the nice green color at the rad cap but what does the anti freeze look like at the bottom of the rad tank ? You just
wanted to see if anyone read your post, right ? You should
know better. sorry, maybe you actually didn't know ?
Change it.

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If it looks good leave it alone.If you do change it chances are the water pump will go shortly after.Atleast that been my past expirences.

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If it were mine, I'd change it.

There are additives to prevent corrosion in it that goes away after a while. Then it starts eating into things like your radiator, heater core, head gaskets, ect. I'd rather flush the cooling system every two or three years forever than do any of those other repairs one time. jmo

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That is one reason your water pump went out johndeere.
you never changed your antifreeze and the protective
additives wore out eating the seal and bushing on your
water pump.

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Wrong I changed on schedule and it went out.Since then if it aint broke dont fix it.

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If the coolant has deterioated, would its color show the change? Or is it too late by the time the color has changed? Wouldn't the color of the coolant whether checked by the opening the cap or by draining at the bottom of the rad be the "same" since it is supposed to be circulating not stagnant? I will check the specific gravity of my 6 old coolant and see just for curiosity.

BTW, do auto parts stores collect the used coolant as well? If they don't, how do I properly dispose of the old coolant?

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I've had three Toyotas. I still have two, one being a 1979 Celica. I've always changed coolant every two years. My two Toyotas have 160,000 and 190,000 miles on them. I've never needed a water pump, radiator or even a thermostat on either car.

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johndeere, was your water pump new or reman when you replaced it?

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Neither it was original about 4 years old

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