Help! I can't get the Oil Cap Off

alexis717_dfApril 23, 2010

Now don't laugh. :) I just replaced the ECTS (engine coolant temperator sensor) on my 1996 Saturn SC2. When I finished I checked my oil and it's low. BUT, I can't get the cap off. Does anyone have any ideas. I would greatly appreciate any help. It just keeps turning. I've also tried pushing down and turning at the same time. That didn't do it either.


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Never mind... a pry bar can work wonders.

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I had the same problem with my wife's '97 Saturn with dual overhead cams. I have traced the problem to shrinkage of the valve cover. It is made of fiber filled thermoplastic and is not dimensioanaly stable - it shrinks so much so that it seizes the oil fill cap. I believe that this cap is a quarter turn and then lift up to remove. It has an O-ring seal. Once the cap becomes tight in the hole, it is very difficult to tell when the cap has turned to it stop for lifting out. it does not lift out as intended. I ruined the cap and stops on my wife's Saturn by forcing the cap to turn beyond the stop.

Once I got the cap off, I removed the O-ring and sanded the outer diamenter down a bit, and then cleaned the cap, and put the O-ring back on. This helped some.

The fix is to intall a new valve cover and cap. However, a year or so later, the problem will surface again unless there has been design changes on the parts.

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Thanks!!!! Don't overturn it, just pry it up, shouldn't take too much force!

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