Chevy Cavalier 100K coolant

Bob_EversonApril 29, 2005

I bought a new 05 Cavalier in Sept. If I remember correctly- the coolant is supposed to last 100K miles. I think I saw when I searched under chevy cavalier- a discussion/complaint site where someone said that the coolant (I forget the name) causes erosion of the gaskets, etc in the engine and water pump. Has anyone heard of any problems with the coolant being in this long. I thought 3 yrs was the limit on coolant.

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I believe MOST of the problems with Dexcool (the 100K coolant) are caused by allowing it to get low. It does not handle this situation as well as the conventional green coolant does.

Check your coolant level (not just in the overflow tank, but in the radiator too) on a regular basis (once per month at a minimum) and deal with it if it's low (top off/fix leak as necessary) and you should be fine. Do not assume that the dashboard indicator will alert you to low coolant.

By the way, it's not just 100K's also 5 years. That is, the maximum length of time it should be in the car is 5 years. If you happen to drive more than 100K miles in 5 years, change it when you get to 100K. If not, change it in September 2009.

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Do a search on the stuff and you'll find out more than you ever wanted to know. From reading several articles and other's experiences, it sounds like problems occur when air is introduced into the cooling system (coolant level too low), or is mixed with the regular green coolant. It's all ethylene glycol, but the additives are different. There is disagreement about whether the additives themselves aren't compatible, or if the green antifreeze just shortens the life of the dexcool because it's been diluted. I think a lot of the problem is people see that long service interval and ignor the cooling system that entire time. A person has to look at it at least once per year. Better if it's looked at every time you change the oil. If the coolant starts looking dirty it's time to change it regardless of what the manual says.

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It is extremely important not to mix the green with the new "long life coolant.

The additives combine to make a sludge..

For the past 30 years I have been using the less expensive "green" in conjunction with anti-rust and seldom changing the mix(no reason to)..Never had any corrosion problems either..
It is the anti-rust additive used on an annual basis which allows for this economy of operation..

Wise too, to properly check the coolant level on a regular basis - but I can just see Joe SixPack "topping off" the coolant, using the old "green" and then adding too much and NOT checking for leaks !!
Automotive service and repair has become a very complex thing..

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With Dexcool the majority of the problem is from the level getting low, and contacting air. Where it contacts air it dries and forms a crystal like mud that can plug things up. Keep the level full, use a type that is meant to be added to Dexcool.

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