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dooneApril 4, 2008

I have a 1995 Camaro (110,000) needs work, has damange done to passenger door. Bought it from a private owner a year ago for $1200.

I also have a 1986 F150 monster truck. Needs something done to the steering. Still owe $4,000 on this loan!

I won't go into the long, stupid story of how I came to have these (suffice to say my son), but I need to sell these two vehicles and I don't know how to go about doing this. I'm not sure putting an ad in the paper would do it. And, nowadays, you can't park it in a parking lot with a sign.

How do I sell these?

Thanks bunches.

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Try a weekend ad in your local newspaper.

Another resource is to look for free publications at filling stations, etc., that advertize vehicles for sale. Usually, these also run a small photo of the item for sale. Review these and choose one that appeals to you, and then run an ad in it.

You could also park the vehicle at an angle at the end of your drive, or partly off the edge of the drive, with a "for sale" sign on it.

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I just put them out on Craigslist.

I don't live on a busy street...and I also live on a circle so that won't work (but thanks for the suggestion).

I also have fliers up at a couple of grocery store bulletin boards.

I'm just curious as to what is a fair price for these two vehicles. Especially the truck.

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craigslist works good for me every time.

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Don't know if it's the same everywhere, but around here the newspaper is a complete waste of money. Our family has been using Auto Trader for the last several years. Can't remember what it costs now, but they'll post your vehicles in their magazine and on the internet with pictures. They'll continue running the ad till your vehicle sells. They send you an email every week or two. Respond to the note and the ad keeps running. Don't and it stops. Everyone brags about craigs list. It might be as good or better. I don't know, I never got the hang of it.

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I cannot address the value of the vehicles other than to suggest visiting the local library and asking for auto appraisal books such as Kelly Blue Book or similar- perhaps a local bookstore will have them for sale. Also, try searching online for similar vehicles (eBay is a good place to start) and look through the selling prices. If youÂre eBay Âsavvy, perhaps you could try selling it there too. One of the local community colleges here in Southern California allows consignment sales of vehicles on weekends (see attached link). Perhaps there may be something similar in your area. Another option is to post fliers near the local high school.

I'm not to sure what a "monster truck" does, but it sounds like something intended for driving off-highway. Try searching for a nearby off-roading club and ask if the club maintains a used vehicle sale listing on their website or newsletter.

Good luck,

Here is a link that might be useful: Santa Clarita Valley Auto Fair

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Thanks everyone for your time and advice.

I posted to the local Freecycle for possible trade. Of course, I got in trouble for it, but I tried it anyway.

I have about 8 people interested in it. Didn't know it'd go over so well! I hope that someone will have something I can make a fair trade with.

Thanks for all your help!

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

I have about 8 people interested in it. Didn't know it'd go over so well!
My experience has been that there are usually about 10 folks who are interested and will 'be back' once they get the money, but then just never come back. I figure they are either losers who have no means of borrowing any money, or they didn't want to say they just weren't interested.

I have taken money b4 to 'hold' a vehicle until the buyer came back with the rest, but it was only for a specified period of time. If they didn't get financing and come back during that time, it was my option to sell to the next 'interested' person, and their deposit was lost.

I once was selling a car for $100...needed a starter for one thing. The buyer expected to give me $50 and then pay me the rest later. Not! Don't think so. He must have thought I was as foolish as he was.

Good luck!


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Sold the Camaro. CraigsList is wonderful!!!!

Thanks everyone!!!

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

Great! One down and one to go.


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