06 Jeep Grand Cherokee constanty dying..

aces67April 7, 2008

I have an 06 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited that I bought brand new. Shortly after buying it I noticed that it ran really rough when you stopped at red lights or stop signs. It kind of shook all over like it was trying to die. Then it did start dying. It never gave any warning when it died but it always did it at low speeds. The dealer couldn't figure out what was wrong with it because the check engine light never came on. One day the transmission locked up in third gear. When you pulled the shifter down into Drive the only forward gear it would go in was third and the engine light came on. At this point my regular warranty was up and I was running under my extended warranty. I paid my $100 deductible and they said supposedly the transmission needed servicing. They replaced the filters, gaskets and fluid. After that it started dying more and more often and I nearly got rear ended b/c of it. Now the dealer just called and says my torque converter is bad and b/c It's had this problem for so long it will be replaced for FREE.

My questions.. Do you really think it is the torque converter and would the torque converter have caused the transmission to lock up?? I'm worried that my transmission is having problems so early on. I only have 40,000 miles on my Jeep and I'm concerned that my transmission may go out completely before I hit 100,000 miles. What do you think??

Thanks Everyone!

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Not only is the torque convertor failing a real possibility, it could actually be failing because the transmission cooler has plugged up and is not allowing the transmission fluid to flow though it and this causes the torque convertor to falsely lock up.

The dealer should be aware of this, but cars being what they are, there is always going to be the first one someone runs into and it would be quite confusing because it's not a failure one would expect to find. Now ONE THING above all. Just because I have told you this "might" be happening, does not mean that it is. It must be tested and proven. I'll go as far as to say, the torque convertor could actually still be good, and it might just be a restricted transmission cooler! They may be seeing the symptom of the the cooler plugging up, which "can be" the torque convertor clutch falsely applying.

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John_G has given good advice. I'd like to add one more item: The lock-up clutch. Jeep automatic transmissions have a lock-up clutch on the torque converter. Your symtoms are similar to a lock-up clutch not disengaging when it is supposed to. Often, its not the fault of the clutch, but the contols and sensors controlling the clutch.

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