Broken Engine Mount

reekolaApril 23, 2007

I have a broken right front engine mount on 90 Nissan Maxima. Been that way for about a year now, but have not noticed any adverse effects. I know I need to fix it, but how critical is it and what can happen if I leave it as is?

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Let me run this by you. They don't install broken engine
mounts at the factory. As the engine moves it can rip out your trans mounts. Brake your exhaust system. If the throttle jams it could get very exciting. FIX IT. If you are involved in an accident and they find your broken mount you have no coverage. Yes, they can do that. Bottom
line. You are operating an unsafe vehical and not fit for
the road. your asking for trouble. you just haven't been caught yet.

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I agree, fix it asap. The extra motion is hard on other things. Don't know about your car in particular, but it's usually not that hard or costly of a job to do anyway. No point in letting it go. jmo

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Thanks. Just what I needed to know. I'll schedule an appointment to get it done.

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Well, I got it replaced for $180. They found another one where two of the bolts were stripped and ordered a new mount for that one to be replaced. There was always a "clunk" when I started out. I just thought my transmission was slipping, it's gone now and everything is much smoother when starting out or it shifts to next gear! They said it looked like the engine was going to flip over when it was revved! I now know not to delay important repairs like that! Especially when the cost is not that much. Thanks for your advice.

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Reekola. Exellent. Glad you got the hint. FIX IT NOW. It could be half the cost now than what it would be in a month. Good for you. Yes they were not kidding. The engine
could " flip " . I've seen engines move in their mounts and
cause some serious damage when the gas peddle linkage jammed. You ain't stopping this thing until you hit something. again, Good for you.

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